Soundproofing will only be effective if it is done right. And you can only make it right by choosing the best soundproofing product.

To resolve this issue in sound, you need first to understand the basics of sound and soundproofing.

50 mil vs 80 mil sound deadening

This simple guide will enlighten you about sound-deadening mat thickness and how much you need for a particular project.

“Mil”, a thousand of an inch, is what defines the thickness of sound deadener material. Let’s see how significant the number of Mil a certain material in your noisy space is.

How to Do a Complete Sound Deadening?

The recommended Mil for sound deadening mats is 50 mil vs 80 mils. And these are more applicable to cars.

You cannot complete sound deadening if you have no idea how to install sound-deadening materials.

But before you can dig into soundproofing, it is crucial to know the source of noise and the parts that need sound deadeners.

For cars, sound-deadening mats are excellent materials to experiment with how effectively they reduce sound. Soundproofing foam is more appropriate in car door panels

To ensure that your car is soundproof, know the next car’s parts where noise is produced the most:

  • Hood
  • Roof
  • Trunk lid
  • Wheel wells
  • Door panels
  • Floor
  • Trunk

Steps in applying sound-deadening materials in your car:

  1. Prepare your tools: You will need the following:
  2. Clip remover
  3. Pencil
  4. Utility knife
  5. Gloves
  6. Roller
  7. Dry cloth for degreasing
  8. Screwdriver and nut driver for dismantling parts
  9. Sound deadening mats

Prepare Your Car

If you can’t remove the parts, bringing your vehicle to the car wash is recommended. They will assist you with the heavy work. The purpose of clip remover is to dismantle door trimming, and you don’t want to damage anything with the clip.

Degrease the surface before applying the first layer of the soundproofing mat

Using a roller, ensure that it is flattened firmly, leaving no air gaps or bubbles. You will see if you pressed down correctly when the grooves on the surface are smoothened.

Add another layer of sound insulation layer for more effective soundproofing. This time, place the thicker mat on top of the first, ensuring the first layer is also cleaned.

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Then, do the same process with the doors.

The mat should be directly stuck on the metal surface of the door panels, ensuring that the mat is rolled down carefully, covering the small opening edges of the wires and locks.

What is the difference between the Noico 50mil and 80mil?

Noico 50 mil and Noico Black 80 mil are both soundproofing mats in different thicknesses for your soundproofing projects, especially cars and trucks that are noisy spaces when on the road.

While driving in a car without any sound deadening material installed, it will be a stressful ride all the way. You won’t enjoy your ride and music because the panels absorb the road noise the most and embarrass sound quality through vibration.

Installing sound-dampening materials like Noico 50 mil and 80 mils is suitable for noisy vehicles. Noico black is not the only brand of sound-deadening mats. But it still depends on the brand of your choice.

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It is a wise move if you lay down the benefits of each brand. From there, you can gauge which soundproofing mat suits your car.

Noico vs. Kilmat

Benefits of Noico Sound Deadening

Noico 80 mil
  • Saves you 20% of your money as the 80 mil thickness is cost-effective compared to its competitors.
  • Though 50mil and 80mil work the way you expect for soundproofing, nothing will beat the 80mil with 1.5 times thicker and more effective sound insulation!
  • The self-adhesive butyl insulation is a less porous material but is elastic to form the surface, providing a flexible but airtight seal.
  • With a guide for installation so you won’t go wrong and put into waste excess mats. The special embossing also serves as a guide that the mat hasn’t been flattened and smooth yet. Rolling over it will tell you if the mat has been adhered to fit perfectly.
  • It comes in handy sheets, so you won’t have issues with trimming and complicated sizing.
  • Highly effective in dampening high-pitched noise from the highway and on car parts like the trunk, hood, and tires, especially on the road.
  • With a total coverage area of 36 sq. ft
  • Nine folded sheets in the stack with a 29.5x 19.5 inch per sheet dimension

Benefits of Kilmat Sound Deadening

KILMAT 50 mil
  • It saves you 20% of your money with the 80 mil thickness
  • Though 50 mil vs 80 mil Kilmat works the way you expect for soundproofing, nothing will beat the 80 mils with 1.5 times thicker
  • Self-adhesive butyl insulation is flexible but airtight when sealed.
  • Special embossing also serves as a guide that the mat hasn’t been flattened and smooth yet. Rolling over it will tell you if the mat has been adhered to fit perfectly.
  • It also comes in handy sheets.
  • Highly effective in dampening high-pitched noise.
  • With a total coverage area of 36 sq. ft
  • 34 folded sheets in the stack with a 9.8×15.7 inch per sheet dimension

The only noticeable difference between Noico and Killmat is the sheets in a stack and the trimming size per sheet. Anybody could find any of these cuts to their liking depending on their need and style of installation.

Noico is priced at $69.99 while Kilmat is $74.99, with a less than $5 difference. But Killmat offers a 23% discount, which runs for no definite deadline.

You can choose the size that’s convenient for you to work on and do your own assessment on Kilmat 50 vs 80. Kismat 80 mil review yields the same result as Noico 80 mil.

Pro tip: Choose a product based not on the brand’s popularity but the trial and error phase. First-hand experience and honest reviews will give you sound decision-making before the actual buying.

Comparison Chart of Noico, Fatmat, Dynamat, and Kilmat

NoicoEasy to install, thick but lightweight, great value, applicable for any vehicleNeed gloves when installing, rubbery smell, roller not included$69.9980
FatmatCustomizable size, easy-peel off-the-release paper, strong adhesiveLingering strong odor, hard to remove, asphalt base, and prone to heat$172.5050
DynamatOdorless, heat resistant, aluminum coating, varying sizes, flexible and stretchableComplicated installation, is pricey, has no roller and needs Dyna tapes for sealing$171.33
KilmatQuality and affordable, no rubbery smell, suitable on internal and external applications, thick but lightweight, comes in convenient small sizeStiff sheets that can impede installation pace, no roller$57.9980

Pro tip: Measure the area or space in your car that needs soundproofing before cutting the mats. Using a template is more convenient than just virtual estimation.

How to pick the best soundproofing material between Noico, Fatmat, Dynamat, and Killmat?

Picking the best soundproofing between competing brands is entirely dependent on what you need and what you want.

What part do you want to soundproof? How large do you need? Which product answers your query? How effective is your choice?

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These questions will be your guide for the most effective soundproofing. Nevertheless, you can combine them if you want, just to know if they work well when used together.

The following factors will also help you decide which sound-deadening mat is best for you.

  • Sound isolation type: Do you need a sound blocker or an absorber?
  • Oil resistance: Sound deadening mat should stick to any surface
  • Flexibility and weight: Choose a mat that is thick but lightweight
  • Butyl-based or asphalt: Select the material that also serves as thermal insulation instead of promoting heat
  • Durability: Read reviews on products that have proven performance
  • Thickness-Mil matters! Understanding thickness specification will help you to decide which one you need.
  • Size: Complications in trimming and convenience in packaging matter a lot

Pro tip: Dynamat is the choice for classic and vintage cars for its restorative noise reduction and protective panel vibration.


There are other sound-deadening mats available in the market. But trying to get the best seems like an impossible quest because “best” is always relative.

It is really hard to decide when you want the best quality but the cheapest. There’s no product like that.

We do not recommend buying based on price, but going on the more pricey won’t also sit well when you get the product but only to get disappointed.

What we laid down here will serve as your guide until you make the right decision or pick the product that works for you.

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

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