I’m Robert Castelao, and I’m Happy YOU are here.

Are you tired of your noisy everyday appliances? Do your ears hurt, or does your partner’s head bangs hard whenever you turn on that dishwasher? Want to enjoy some tranquility in your home?

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Soundproofly

Our world is much noisier than a couple of decades ago. Never-ending construction, lousy upstairs neighbors, and more appliances are flooding the market, mostly built without your hearing, health, or privacy being considered.

I never knew the NEGATIVE effects of entertaining these elevated noise levels until it disrupted my sleep cycle and made me susceptible to hypertension and nearly permanent tinnitus (which seems like your ears are constantly ringing a bell). My whole family, including my wife, was worried and troubled for a couple of months.

The doctor had to place alprazolam inside my ear; trust me, it’s NOT a pleasant experience. I had to deal with countless appointments, sleepless nights, headaches, costly hospital bills, and medications for more than four months, one of the dark periods of my life.

We tried every soundproofing option, from increasing the wall’s mass to using acoustic panels and curtains. It helped block out the external noise from traffic, but the noises from my household appliances like vacuum, blender, dishwasher, air conditioner, etc. remained a problem.

It was paramount I keep all these noises out of my home for my health and that of others. So, I embarked on a quest to figure out SILENT household devices to replace those lousy ones to prevent permanent noise-induced hearing loss, heart diseases, and many more.

Now, you should understand why Soundproofly is more than just a hobby to me. It’s a wake-up call to your health and choices.

What’s Soundproofly About

The aim of Soundproofly is to help people avoid my ordeal by making smart choices. One in eight Americans aged 12 years or older is hearing impaired; I was NEARLY one of them.

Noise is the leading cause of this problem, from external to internal. Most people are unaware of this devil in disguise. There are several ways to tranquilize your home.

Soundprooflyprovides real-life DIY solutions that I’ve implemented to regain my peace and protect my family from the risk of hearing loss and other health problems.

Soundproofing and purchasing noise-free gadgets are crucial, and I intend to help everyone make better choices within their budget.

I’m aware that the essential information you need to make the right call is scattered all over the internet, and there are several blogs sponsored by third-party companies, which makes it even more challenging.

Luckily, I’m very thorough and objective when providing my opinion on appliances and soundproofing options, thanks to my five years of electronic engineering background. Besides, my recommendations are from first-hand experience and not just rewriting manufacturers’ promises.

Truth is, Soundproofly provides a comprehensive guide to ensure you make the BEST choice for a peaceful and quiet home.

I’m keen on helping homeowners avoid the consequences of making a wrong choice, which has a way of haunting us.

What Makes Soundproofly Unique?

This blog is focused on sharing silent alternatives to everyday household appliances so homeowners can enjoy and relax in their OWN homes.

However, the core VALUES of this blog are discussed below; if these are something you’re looking out for in a site, you will easily get the most out of it:

  •   You want to familiarize yourself with silent and efficient appliances for a serene yet productive home.
  •   Get a comprehensive guide on how to make wise decisions to cater to your need
  • Protect your household from noise-induced health problems
  • Cherish an honest opinion on home equipment based on a hands-on experience, including the hidden benefits and sad story
  • You love to save time and want to make swift decisions with ZERO regrets

My strength lies in helping people create a QUIET sanctuary; you can get started by looking around. Hopefully, you find that piece of content that helps remove the noise and risk of physical and psychological concerns for a quieter and healthier home.

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