Nothing ruins a fun bedtime play like a squeaky bed. The extra caution to keep your stuff confined in your walls sucks out the fun. Besides, tossing and turning can be noisy, interrupting your partner’s sleep.

There’s barely anything good from a squeaky bed, except you love loud intimacy.

So, you probably tried nailing the bedrest to the wall for some privacy and quality sleep. How long did that last? Mine was only a few months.

Luckily, in this post, I’ll be revealing the top 5 best quiet bed frames that NEVER squeak. Finally, you can keep your bedroom business to yourself!

Here’s a Quick Summary of the Best Silent Bed Frames

ZINUS Judy 一 is the best silent platform bed frame with upholstery. This top-selling furniture is bold, big and beautiful to add a unique contemporary style to any bedroom. It offers one of the highest weight capacities of 700lbs to accommodate your large pets. Its fabric guarantees a bug-free experience, and the manufacturer backs it with a 5-year warranty.

ZINUS Moiz 一 is made from 100% solid wood, making it one of the most durable and supportive wooden platforms. Available in different GLAMOROUS wood color options, this unit delivers an eye-catching traditional style to complement your homes. This is the ONLY product with two headboard options to customize your perfect bed frame.  

Olee Sleep 14-inch 一 is the perfect steel platform for a small room. The frame and slats are solid steel for unquestionable durability and offer outstanding support for your mattress. Even better, it comes with Anti-slip Plastic Cap to protect your luxury floor from scratches and squeak-free night’s sleep. And, of course, it has ample storage under bed space to house out-of-fashion clothing, old books, etc.

Why is the Bed Frame so Squeaky?

With the noise becoming increasingly annoying, you probably wondered why your bed squeaks.

Your mattress, box spring, or bed frame might be at fault.

Best Quiet Bed Frames

However, if your bed frame is the underlying culprit, it is likely due to warped wood pieces or loose bolts. Usually, simple at-home tricks might fix this issue, but it’s never a permanent solution.

A lot of things can be responsible for this upsetting ordeal. With the bolts lose, the frame wobbly at any slight movement, causing that indiscreet noise. But in most cases, the change in humidity and water stain causes the wooden frame to warp. And, when that happens, it’s all squeak noise until you either fix it or replace it with one of the bed frames that don’t squeak.

Type of Quietest Bed Frame

There are different bed frames, but only one stays quiet: the platform bed frame. It features solid construction with fewer squeaky parts. Its sturdy foundation offers better stability to isolate your movement.

Regarding materials, platform beds come in two types: Wood and Metal. With that in mind, paying more attention to the build quality than its type is essential. A debased bed frame will stretch or sag, no matter the type you purchase.

So, stick with a well-built bed frame for many years of noise-free sleeping experience.

Another critical thing to keep in mind;

How you maintain the frame determines the treatment you get. Over time, the bolt gets loose, and joints wear, causing that squeaky noise. Thus, it’s paramount to tighten the bolts a couple of times a year.

What to look for when Buying Non-squeaky Bed Frame

Type of Bed Frame

There are two different types of bed frames:

  • Platform bed frame
  • Traditional bed frame

The traditional type depends on box springs to deliver the proper support to innerspring mattresses. However, platform bed frames work as a standalone supportive foundation with slats or a solid surface.

type of bed frame

Choosing the right bed frame depends on the type of mattress you own. Box springs are the best option for innerspring mattresses. This mattress accessory combines a wooden frame and bouncy steel spring for uniform weight distribution and movement isolation.

The upshot?

Traditional frames increase your mattress longevity without compromising your night’s sleep. Thanks to their support, your innerspring mattress won’t sag or wear and tear. Thus, most manufacturers will only stand by their warranty if the innerspring mattress is used on a traditional box spring.

On the other hand;

Latex and memory foam mattresses do not need the traditional box spring. They do not come with steel springs and require even support. Otherwise, you might risk the mattress’s longevity and sleep quality.

If you want to keep up with your minimalism, you can drop the mattress on the floor. But for an elegant, modern look, the mattress needs a platform bed.

This bed frame comes with a simple frame that nullifies the roles of an extra mattress foundation or box spring. Platform bed frames offer uniform support, ideal for latex and memory foam mattresses.

However, these platform beds are available in different types, from metal to wooden slates. Also, the level of support they provide varies depending on several factors, including material, build quality, etc.


Next, you want to consider how the bed frame would look in your bedroom. Bed frames are more than supportive bedding accessories. They can help accentuate your bedroom’s decor by making a bold statement.


For a simple aesthetic, the metal platform bed is a great option. But you can get a more sophisticated design with a model featuring a footboard and a headboard.

Also, the wooden platform bed is another decent choice for you who want something that resonates with other beautiful wooden elements in your room.

Even better, fabric upholstery frames can come in your preferred colors and materials to perfectly match your home’s design.

What bed frame design to splurge on depends on your choice of style. Notwithstanding, these options would add an interesting visual to your space.

Size of your Bed frame

The right bed frame to purchase should tally with your mattress size. Luckily, these sizes are universal.

The twin bed frame comes in two options regular and XL. Both options are 39 inches wide, the standard option is 75 inches long, and the XL is 5 inches longer.

There are other options, like full-size frames. It’s 54-inch wide and available in both 75 and 80 inches of length. You can also stick with wider options: king and queen-size. The latter is 60 inches wide to accommodate two people and 80 inches long for more legroom. For a wider queen bed frame, the Olympic queen bed for an extra room for your kids to jump in.

If you prefer something else, then the king-size bed frame is 16 inches wider than the queen frame but has the same legroom. The California king size offers a narrower 72 inches and a longer 84-inch length.

The choice boils down to how much sleeping surface space you need. Also, consider your room size. A large bed frame in a small room might take up the entire area.


Generally speaking, most people opt for the 14-inch tall bed frames. However, a sleeper needs to weigh many factors before making a choice.

For instance, if you own a very thick mattress, you should cut down on the height of the bed frame. Otherwise, you might have a very tall bed, and it would be challenging to get down into them.

Not everyone wants a tall bed, and you can choose a lower one. People stick with low-profile, Japanese-style beds, which usually have more to do with design than functionality.


Sleepers with mobility issues and seniors must be cautious when selecting a bed height. The best option should allow you to sit comfortably on the edge and get in or out of bed with the least pain.

Materials of Bed Frame

Bed frames are made of different materials, and your choice affects their overall performance and aesthetic appeal.

But, more importantly;

The best material for your bed frame should be strong, sturdy, and built to serve your purpose for many years to come.

This brings us to the two most popular options for bed frames:

  • Wood
  • Steel metal

Wood is the best pick for aesthetics. They can be carved into various shapes to suit your specific fashion taste or room decor.

On the other hand;

Steel bed frames are sturdier than wooden frames, which makes them a common choice for durability. They are less likely to chip or crack. Also, they can withstand vigorous activities from pillow fights to intense bedroom play without breaking.

Are Metal Bed Frames Noisy?

If your new metal bed frames squeak, then it’s likely you purchased a low-quality one. Sturdy and well-assembled steel bed frames should not squeak.

This is why most people avoid purchasing non-wooden frames. However, the steel models on this list are top-quality and less likely to make noise.


There are two types of slats: wooden and metal slats. They make no difference except for durability. They are usually under the mattress and stay hidden.

bed frame Slats

The most important thing to note about both options is how much support they offer. If your mattress is heavy, then you should consider metal slats. They are strong enough to withstand the weight without bowing and popping out of the frame.

In most cases, the metal slats are an ideal choice to support the mattress and sleeper(s) weight. But for kids, there’s no going wrong with wooden slats.

Weight Capacity

Bed frames have different weight capacities, which determines how much strain they can safely handle. Smaller bed frames have a strain limit of 200 pounds.

This can be concerning for you.

Luckily, options are offering up to 3,000 pounds of the weight limit. Also, higher weight capacity can be a good indication of a high build quality bed frame.

The headboard of the Bed Frame

The headboard helps beautify the bed and the room. While it’s majorly for aesthetics, a headboard can help keep the pillows on the bed. Plus, they can come in handy for binge-watching TV shows in a seated position. But you might not need one if you prefer to slam the bed against the wall.


However, they can be a source of additional noise. Headboards increase the number of joints needed to be screwed. Once they become loose, the squeaking noise sets in. Also, they are likely to bang against the wall, especially during intense activities on the bed.

So, most people prefer to attach the headboard to the wall instead of the bed frame to minimize noise.


This is another essential factor you should consider, especially if you are low on storage space. Some models feature a high-profile design to allow ample room underneath for storage.

A bed frame with a 14-inch high profile should offer enough room to store shoes, clothes, boxes, etc. On the downside, the storage room underneath tends to accumulate dust and dirt. This means you have to clean down there several times a month.

Noise Considerations

I don’t entertain neighbors or housemates having full knowledge of whatever is going on in my room. So, choosing the best platform beds with no noise is a must for me.

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And here’s the most important thing;

You want to choose a bed frame that moves slowly to minimize noise. Bed frames with solid construction isolate movement for 0 noise and provide you with the proper support. It would be best to consider frames with padded legs and fewer joints.

Also, it would be best if you only considered high-quality options for one of the bed frames that don’t squeak.

Quietest Bed Frames Reviews

1. ZINUS Judy Upholstered Platform Bed Frame with headboard

The ZINUS Judy nods to the iconic bed frame of the 17th century that began a new era of beautiful night’s sleep. The subtle gray tone, cozy foam padding, and asymmetrical geometric upholstered headboard imbue a fresh DNA to the classic look. It’s not just better looking; it’s the best silent fabric platform bed frame with NO bugs.

ZINUS Judy Platform Bed Frame

The ZINUS Judy has to be the most straightforward furniture I’ve ever put together. This model arrives with pre-screw holes for a no-brainer assembly. Even better, it comes with an Allen wrench that makes loosening and re-screwing a breeze. It took me about an hour to put it together with no helping hand.

This winning platform bed frame has wood slats providing much-needed support to your mattress. Also, its sturdy and high-quality construction snugly secures every joint to eliminate annoying squeaky noises.


This model does not require that lousy box spring, which guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep.

Made from steel, the ZINUS Judy is one of the sturdiest options. The metal is covered with top-quality fabric and padded with foam. So, no more banging your shins or heads. Plus, it’s the only few upholstered bed frames with no bug experience.

One of the advantages of the fabric model this leading manufacturer stretched is its aesthetic appeal. The gray asymmetrical geometric upholstered headboard makes your bedroom interestingly beautiful and seemingly alive.

What’s more?

Available in different size options, this best quiet bed frame offers an incredible amount of support between 350 – 700 lbs. This queen model provides ample room for a new family to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep experience.

Zinus Judy Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, King Bed Assemble By Akshay Vishnoi

Strong and supportive, the ZINUS Judy is perfect for a wide range of mattresses, from spring mattresses to memory foam. Even better, it has a 6.3-inch under-bed clearance offering enough space to store anything.


Aside from the package being too heavy for me to handle alone, the ZINUS Judy checks almost all the boxes. Also, it’s equipped with solid wood slats that hold a lot of pressure, but frequently jumping on the bed is not one of them.

Only a few bed frames can go head-to-head with this best quiet bed frame with a headboard, so why is waste time sifting through low-quality models? Well, it’s up to you, don’t just come back complaining of loose joints and loud noise.

2. ZINUS Moiz Wood Platform Bed Frame [No Box Spring Needed

Another spot, another Zinus platform bed frame;

If not the Zinus Judy, it has to be the Moiz wood platform for its simple wooden design, sturdy construction, and many options. This top-selling wooden bed frame retails at a lower price than my top choice and is backed by a whopping 5-year warranty. ZERO risk purchase!

Wood Platform Bed Frame

This unit comes in different wood accents, from rustic pine to antique espresso, to add warmth to any room. Also, this manufacturer offers this unit in various configurations. You can have this frame with a wood headboard, upholstery headboard, or without. So there’s less chance of your neighbor having an exact bed frame.

More options and more custom designs for ultimate uniqueness!


Stylish but sturdy, the ZINUS Moiz features one of the best craftsmanship I have ever seen. This unit is made from 100% solid wood. It wears this simple, refined traditional styling to convince anyone you made it. Well, some of my friends did.

More so;

Bed Frame leg

The Moiz rocks a superior engineering blending interior steel framework with solid wood for impressive support. The twin size offers resilient support up to 350 lbs, while other options can withstand about 700 lbs.

This 14-inch tall foundation has a 10-inch clearance space, which is EXTRA storage space to tuck away your odds and ends. The wooden slats are strong and evenly spaced for NO box spring setup. One of the noise makers.


This foundation includes every part, necessary tools, and detailed instructions for a stress-free assembly. If you have a friend, it takes about 30 minutes to put it together.

3. Olee Sleep 14-inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Noise-free Bed Frame

Earning a spot on this list is the Olee Sleep 14-inch with its heavy-duty steel construction. This model features a unique sturdy design to support all mattress beds without needing a box spring.

Olee Sleep 14 inch Heavy Duty bed frame

Plus, it holds the mattress securely without slipping off or the frame scratching your luxury floor. This steel bed frame is second to none, and thousands of customers agree.

Made from steel only, this model is the most durable and quiet foundation on this list. The joints don’t get loose like a wooden model, eliminating potential noise sources. Also, it comes with metal slats with zero worries of breaking a slat.

In addition to that;

The slats are evenly spaced to make using a box spring obsolete. While you can use one to make your mattress firmer and more supportive, the slat offers much-need support, so it NEVER sags. Furthermore, the king and queen versions can hold up to 700 lbs without bending or breaking.

How To Assemble An Olee Sleep Metal Bed Frame

Another thing I love about the Olee Sleep 14-inch is the under-bag storage room. It offers the most spacious storage option with its 13.5 inches of clearance. Also, assembling this foundation is a breeze. If you follow the included guide, you might not need a helping hand with this furniture.

Bed frame height

This sturdy metal frame has plastic feet for a scratch-free bedroom floor. This feature comes in handy because the frame tends to shift without leaving a scratch.

On the downside;

The frame sticks out almost 2.3 inches from my mattress’s end leading to stubbed toes. While it has several size options, this black metal foundation does not offer a headboard. So, it’s up to you to figure out what works best with the metal frame.

Full Noise free Bed Frame

Even with its slight flaws, the Olee Sleep 14-inch is a clear winner regarding durability, noise level, and support. If the metal foundation is what you are looking for, then why risk your money on those flimsy models? And, of course, it’s your money and choice.

4. ZINUS Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame with headboard

If you want to improve your home’s minimalist appearance, the ZINUS Brock is your best bet. Not just for its timeless style, its 7-inch low profile design helps make a small room look more spacious.

ZINUS Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

This product features a 100% solid acacia wood structure, distinctive patterns and knots, and a beautifully-crafted headboard with brass metal. It’s one of the studier and most supportive foundations you can ever get.

Everything about this model screams outstanding, from its craftsmanship to the amount of support. The headboard sports a steel framework, making this platform bed frame perfect for your shabby-chic room decor or farmhouse.


With my 8-inch memory foam mattress, the headboard standouts remarkably well. However, the headboard is too short for a thick mattress. So, consider that when you are opting for this wood-accentuated foundation.

Low to the ground, the ZINUS Brock is only 7 inches high from the ground with solid sides. The downside? You can store your old clothes or books under the bed, which could help save space for a minimalistic appearance. However, it also means 0 EXTRA cleaning areas.

That’s not all;

This model comes in a wide range of size options: twin, full, king, and queen. The twin models can only support a weight of up to 350 lbs.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer should have mentioned the weight capacity for the larger sizes. Nonetheless, you should expect decent support tantamount to the Zinus Judy larger models.

The best part of it all;

This model does not require a box spring; every joint has screws to hold it in place. Thus, this platform bed frame does not wobble or make a noise. I even tried making it, but it took a lot of energy to get some squeaking noise.

Another thing that required extra effort was lugging the package to the bedroom. You might need a helping hand, except you are all muscle. Well, it’s a good indication the manufacturer has not cut corners. Besides, the 5-year manufacturer warranty protects your investment.

5. Mecor Upholstered Linen Full Platform Bed Metal Frame with Wood Slat Support

Combining the durability of metal frames and the contemporary aesthetics of upholstered linen, this model is a close rival of the ZINUS Judy. Instead of the cool gray look, the manufacturer covered this bed frame with a lively blue fabric to improve your room’s decor.

Mecor Upholstered Linen Full Platform

The headboard design does not come with any geometry design. It’s plainly wrapped with soft, stylish linen and padded with foam to protect your head. Plus, it keeps your wall from getting dirty, especially if you tend to have guests who can’t keep their feet or head away from it.

The metal frame feels premium and sturdy, while the wood slats are crafted from sturdy hardwood to deliver up to 440 lbs of weight support. There’s NO need for the extra height and the noise a box spring lends. Also, they provide even support to your mattress, so it doesn’t sag and feels too soft.


The wooden slats tend to pop out more frequently. So, you have to move your mattress and snap the guilty wooden slat back into position. Also, there isn’t much storage space like the ZINUS Judy.


The metal frames offer a much more stable sleeping surface that won’t move or squeak no matter how much you turn and toss all night. It has the strongest plastic feet keeping your floors scratch-free to avoid ANY damage. Also, it ensures ZERO worries when having fun on it.

Mecor Full Platform noise free frame

With premium materials and solid construction, the Mecor Upholstered Linen Full Platform Bed Metal Frame is the closest thing to sleeping like a baby.

Feel free to waste time checking for other products offering modern aesthetics, unparalleled support, and outstanding build quality at their price level.

6. ZINUS SmartBase 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Why did I include another platform bed frame? The ZINUS SmartBase offers everything at NO extra cost! It features a squeak-free design, massive under-bed storage, easy assembly, and a foldable frame for on-the-go use.

ZINUS SmartBase 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus designed this foundation to offer impeccable support to a wide range of mattresses sans a box spring. The metal platform is safe for your spring, latex, or memory foam mattress. The best part? This quiet king bed frame extends your mattress’ life to ensure you get the most out of it.

Wait, there’s more;

ZINUS SmartBase features an innovative design using multiple support legs to offer a more stable sleeping surface. Not only that, it helps isolate movement for a squeak-free experience.

Further, each end of the leg features a robust plastic cap to prevent unnecessary scratches on your expensive flooring. Also, the anti-slip feet ensure ZERO noise even when it moves on your hard floor.

Metal Platform Bed Frame

This ZINUS SmartBase offers amazing under-bed storage space of more than a foot. This ample room is enough to house up to 8 large Rubbermaid-style totes without a tussle.

Thanks to its all-metal construction, this model has a massive weight capacity of up to 750 lbs for a single frame. This super-strong foundation never bows to pressure and supports the extra weight of your furry friends.

Noise free Metal Platform Bed Frame

Hate to stub your toes? The ZINUS SmartBase comes with recessed metal legs to avoid such a painful ordeal, especially if you walk close to the bed. It offers a tool-free assembly that takes less than 30 minutes.

Despite its inexpensive price point, this manufacturer backed this product with a 5-year worry-free guarantee. This further proves its durability, powerful support, and low noise performance.

Why break the bank on those expensive foundations if you are not in for eye-catching aesthetics? The ZINUS SmartBase has everything except the high price tag and aesthetics.

Best Silent Bed Frames Comparisons

 ZINUS JudyZINUS MoizOlee Sleep 14 inchZINUS Brockmecor UpholsteredZINUS SmartBase
Frame Material                Wood                WoodAlloy Steel, MetalWood, Alloy SteelMetal, WoodAlloy Steel
Size OptionsFull, Queen, King  Twin, Full, Queen, King  Twin, Full, Queen, King  Twin, Full, Queen, King  FullTwin (XL), Full, Queen, King, California King  
Under-bed space6.3-inch10.5-inch13.5-inch  13-inch
Weight capacity (lbs)350 – 700350 – 700700 350-500750-1500
HeadboardYesOption availableNoYesYesNo

Still Squeaking Noise: Stop the bed frame from squeaking.

If you are under a shoestring budget or not looking to buy a new squeak-free foundation, making your existing one quieter might be a good decision.

Here are essential tips to follow:

Find the Noise Source

The first step is understanding what part of your bed is responsible for the noise. The frame, box spring, floor, or mattress? If you own a spring or hybrid mattress, they can be the underlying culprit. However, the memory foam mattress is usually quieter.

How do you know it’s the mattress?

Place the mattress on the floor. If it squeaks while you move around on it, then it’s a problem. The sad part: is there’s no other solution than replacing the mattress. This same test applies to box springs. If it squeaks on the floor, you need a new box spring.


You can avoid buying a new box spring by considering some of the quiet bed frames mentioned on this list. They don’t require a box spring.

The frame can be the guilty party if it’s not the box spring and the mattress.

Tighten Loose Screws

The bed frame comprises parts fastened together by bolts and screws. With time, these joints get loose due to repeated movement. So, if the frame is the root cause of the noise, it’s best to go around the furniture and tighten all the screws.

For a tighter fit, use a nylon washer. Also, it helps minimize the friction between the metal parts, which generates additional noise. However, it’s important to avoid tightening too hard. Else, the wood might split.

For some wobbling or lose joints, you can fill them with small chunks of cork for a more stable sleeping surface. If not corks, wax is another great option to fill the extra room.

Get the joints well-lubricated

After tightening all loose ends, adding some lubricant helps solve the noise generated by friction. Take out the WD-40 and squirt a generous amount into metal joints, bolts, and screw holes for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Include cushioning

Aside from the noise generated from metal rubbing against one another, the friction between the foundation and mattress can be another source. Adding a non-slip pad or thick blanket should offer the right cushion to prevent additional noise.

Check if your Floor is Squeaking

Aside from all that, your floorboard might be why your bed squeaks. If that’s the case, add non-slip pads to the legs to stop the noise. Also, it might help prevent the frame legs from scratching your expensive floor.

If the frame has wheels, you want to lock it securely to avoid wobbling and noise. Also, you could put some rugs on the floor to cut out the friction.


If you made it here, I hope this post helps you make an informed decision for better sleep quality.

Not all bed frames are silent, but the Zinus Judy and Olee Sleep 14-inch Heavy Duty Steel are super quiet. Their sturdy construction makes them less likely to squeak or bow to pressure.

But if you want the most beautiful wooden bed frame to be your silent ally in your bedroom, the ZINUS Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame won’t disappoint. Also, the mecor Upholstered will amaze your guest with its rich, drop-dead gorgeous blue fabric and almost 0 noise performance.

There’s really no going wrong with any of the products mentioned on this list. Follow my detailed buying guide and consider the recommendations to make a buy-once-never-cry decision.

I’m happy this guide ends your annoying, squeaky night’s sleep. Now: Your Bed frame is quieter than Ever!

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

Robert is an electronic engineer with more than five years of experience with a solid affinity for helping people reduce noise. He writes about these silent home appliances and easy soundproofing measures to help everyone avoid the negative effect of extended exposure to high noise levels.

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