At Soundproofly, we take immense pride in delivering accurate, trustworthy, and practical content to our readers who are seeking information about silent home appliances and soundproofing solutions for their homes.

As our team expands, we remain committed to maintaining the highest editorial standards that our audience has come to expect from us.

Our multi-layered editorial process ensures that we produce content that is reliable, impartial, and actionable, covering a wide range of topics related to soundproofing and quiet appliances.

We only collaborate with and promote companies that are ethically responsible, transparent about their products and have proven their effectiveness.

Outlined below is the editorial process for Soundproofly:

Research & Understanding

Research & Understanding Before a topic is assigned to one of our writers, it undergoes a thorough research phase to ensure its relevance and value to our readers. We avoid topics that lack substantial evidence, are clinically under-researched, or do not align with our editorial values.

Once a topic is deemed valuable, it is assigned to a writer with expertise in the subject area. Our team includes specialists in soundproofing technologies, acoustics, and home appliances, as well as professionals who have hands-on experience in implementing soundproofing solutions.


Aiming for 100% Accuracy We strive for complete accuracy in every piece of content we create.

Our editors play a crucial role in verifying the information provided by our writers, ensuring that it is up-to-date and reliable. We regularly review older content and update it as new research emerges or industry standards evolve.

Unbiased Content

Impartiality Our primary goal is to deliver unbiased, objective content to our readers. Although we monetize our content through affiliate links where appropriate, our editorial decisions are never influenced by financial gain.

When we include products that do not meet our high standards, we make it clear and often recommend better alternatives. We highlight both the advantages and drawbacks of the products we review, ensuring a balanced perspective.

knowledge and experience

Expertise We assign writers based on their knowledge and experience in the given subject area. Our writers are primarily based in the United States and the United Kingdom and are considered part of our team. We do not engage with writers on a one-off basis, enabling us to maintain a high level of expertise in every article and review we publish.

Three-step Pre-publication Screening Process

Publication After our writers complete their work, the content goes through a three-step pre-publication screening process.

This includes fact-checking, spelling and grammar review, and real-world application assessment. Two members of the editorial team typically undertake this process. Once the content passes these rigorous checks, it is published on the Soundproofly website, ready to be consumed by our readers who seek guidance on quiet home appliances and soundproofing solutions.

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