Not all homes have home theaters. If you have a media room, it could be one of the unique places in your home. It is a different feeling bringing the larger-than-life experience of movies right there where you spend most of your time.

Once you have everything set up, you feel something is missing. What is it?

Home theater soundproofing curtains

The essence of a home theater is where everything is pitch dark to emphasize the watching experience feeling both the sight and sounds. In a home theater setup, you need to ensure that not a single glare of light could slit in and that you must contain the sound.

Home theater blackout curtains are the elements that will complete your entertainment package.

Tell the difference between a heavy curtain from a regular curtain in terms of sound absorption.

Will Soundproof Curtain Really Work for Your Home Theater?

One of the effective methods in soundproofing is through a sound deadening curtain. These are not ordinary curtains that you install to block the light coming into the room but specialized fabrics that absorb sounds, thus, a sound-absorbing curtain.

Soundproof curtains really work if your aim in having an entertainment room is to isolate the sound from the rest of the house. Even if the walls have been appropriately padded, gaps can still be rooms for sound to escape. Thus, soundproof curtains are one way to control the noise through and around the room because you have soundproof drywall.

Home theater soundproofing STC rating, what do we need to know?

STC stands for “sound transmission class.” It refers to the science of sound isolation, assigning classification concerning building wall compatibility.

Your goal is to block the unwanted noise from the outside and reduce its escape from the inside. With acoustic curtains with STC ratings, it is easier to soundproof your media room because these acoustical fabrics dampen the effect of echo within the room and prevent the interference of the noise outside.

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STC-grade curtains have inner linings that work best to absorb and ward off noise at the same time. For example, some curtains with soundproofing capability can reduce decibels at a certain level, depending on how much you want the noise subsided.

PRO TIP: Do you know why echo bounces back in space? Because sound waves reverberate when the space has nothing but a hard and drywall. But echo couldn’t be present in a room filled with soft cushions, surfaces, and fabrics because the sound is absorbed by the furniture.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains for Your Theater Room Review

A blackout curtain is essential in soundproofing your media room.

Blackout or acoustic curtains have a thick and heavy fabric but a smooth texture.

A sound blocking curtain can be used or hungover windows and serve as a soundproof room divider curtain if your multimedia room is shared with another room. It is effective for acoustic treatment or sound dampening techniques because it controls the ambient noise.

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Let us explore different soundproof curtains or soundproof drape fabrics that will fit your entertainment space.

Best Blackout Curtains for Your Theater Room Review

1. StangH Theater Red Velvet Curtains

The StangH theater red velvet curtains won’t be called “theater curtains” if they provide the features customers are looking for.


These curtains are made of blackout fabric perfect as a cover for a wall panel in your media room. Though they block tons of light the moment you hang them up on the curtain rod, they do not throw away the light completely.

Insulated curtains like these are still allowing a shimmer of light when hit with sunlight.

Nevertheless, StangH still serves as a curtain panel or acoustic panel. You get similar benefits from the following features:

  • Soft-touch fabric—satin and velvet
  • Perfect for room darkening due to dark but vibrant color
  • Available in grommet top, rod pocket, and back tab & rod pocket designs
  • Also ideal for living room, dining room, master’s bedroom, and media room

PRO TIP: If you aim to look for acoustic curtains that will help enhance or contain the sound in the room, StangH noise-reducing curtains are not completely soundproof but help in dampening sound for a quieter room.

The StangH theater red velvet curtains are energy-efficient. They are offered in three types of lengths:

  • Below the sill
  • To the floor
  • Puddle the floor

If mainly intended for your theater room, you would choose the puddle floor to cover the entire window and floor base, providing a balanced temperature in the room. The thickness of the fabric is a good sound and heat insulator that will save you a lot on energy bills and walls and floor damage.

Have two panels juxtaposed together to achieve a thicker sound blocker if that’s what you intend to?

2. NICETOWN Red Velvet Curtains, Solid Heavy Matt Drapes

Interwoven black yarn Nicetown red velvet curtains also offer the same privacy for your man cave or entertainment room, media room, or home theater—whatever you may call it.


This two-panel acoustic curtain mainly provides a disturb-free theater space as it impedes most of the light from the outside.

Though not 100% complete blackout, you can benefit from these noise blocking curtains as they offer the same effective shading when adding a liner.

The softness of plush velvet is enough to ward off noise and light as the texture and color are needed to absorb sound.

Such opulent design emphasizes a luxurious feel giving you the real-life theater feel right in your own home.

More benefits:

  • Interwoven black yarn for darkening rooms
  • Quality finish that will last for years
  • Perfect for visual effect
  • Reduces noise or echo
  • Excellent in blocking light
  • Available in all sizes from window sill length to puddle floor

3. Hiasan Sound Blocking Room Divider Curtain – Thermal Insulated

From the title itself, the description falls more on its sound insulation ability against heat and cold. It helps balance the temperature inside the room.


Three-layered thick fabric, best for blocking sound from the other rooms, serves as dividers, broad light blockers that make the Hiasan curtain energy efficient.

The texture, width, and thickness define its ability to insulate noise from the other rooms and the theater room. The Hiasan brand fits the description of a sound-blocking curtain.

  • Front and back fabric layers
  • High-density black yarn in the middle
  • Total privacy makes room soundproof, reducing external noise, and dark environment for a restful sleep

4 Cherry Home Blackout Velvet Curtains Panels Home Theater Grommet Drapes

Made of polyester fabric, the Cherry Home blackout velvet curtain could be your next choice for your home theater soundproofing implements.

  • Heavy but soft, ideal for absorbing noise and insulating heat and cold in a room environment.
  • Better protection against UV rays, warding off sunlight up to 99%.
  • Lab-tested energy efficient
  • Blackout feature from a rich velvet curtain panel
  • Provides optimal insulation
  • Can pair with other quiet curtains if you want zero light coming in

We search for soundproofing curtains because they can achieve an enhanced acoustic home theater room.

While the main feature of these blackout curtains is to block the light, we have two primary goals for our media room:

  • Curtains that have effective noise reduction capability—home theater acoustic curtains must have the feature of keeping the outside noise at bay, reducing reverberation and echo in the room.
  • Energy-efficient—when we mean efficiency, we suggest saving money on energy bills while maximizing the curtain’s thermal insulation feature.

Do Noise-Reducing Curtains Really Work?

Yes, they are effective in absorbing noise. Though not 100%, the isolation of the curtains provide dampens sound and noise and filters the light, tuning up your entertainment space as an echo-free acoustic room.

The dark color availability is a significant factor in mitigating light, but the thickness and softness of the fabric point to their usefulness against noise reduction.

15 Cheapest Ways to Soundproof a Room that Actually Work

Soundproofing your windows and pairing them with blackout curtain panels completes your dream. And to compensate for soundproofing goals, consider the below when eyeing for the best blackout curtains.

  • Fabric thickness and weight—The thicker and heavier the fabric, the better it can block light and dampen sound
  • Fabric material—Polyester and velvet are quality materials, but velvet is more expensive, but the soft feel is unparalleled.
  • Color—Dark colors are preferable to light if your goal is to feel a theater-like room.
  • Dimension—It is advisable to choose curtain panels that puddle to the floor to cover most of the light from entering.
  • Insulation layers/lining—Additional layer or lining to the already thick soundproofing curtain will enhance its sunblocking and acoustic feature/
  • Mounting—Grommet top, rod pocket, and back tab & rod pocket designs; Grommet tops have metal rings attached to the fabric that serve as looping holes for the curtain to slide easily, while Rod pockets are pockets or holes for rods to slip through.

PRO TIP: Fabric color has no influence on acoustics. However, the deeper the color, the higher the porosity of the fabric, making it an effective sound deadener or sound absorbing material.


Ultimately, a heavier curtain described above serves as an essential aspect in building your sound-efficient entertainment room.

The blocking features and UV rays protection are a bonus to enhance their filtering capability in terms of light and sound.

Don’t forget that aside from energy efficiency, sound efficiency, and all that stuff, blackout curtains dictate your room’s ambiance.

Convert your conventional room into an entertainment room, gaining the theater feel as you embellish the room with soft furniture, carpet, acoustic foam, subwoofers, and more!

If you want the best blackout curtains for home theaters, check the variants found on each product detailed here from reputable shops online or near you.

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