Pool pumps are essential for both above-ground and in-ground pumps. If you want to keep your pools from succumbing to fungi and algae, that is. These pumps keep pool water from being contaminated by chemicals as well. However, you’ll seldom find the quietest above-ground pool pumps. 

Quietest Above-Ground Pool Pump

Most of the products aren’t as silent as they advertise. This is not to say there aren’t whisper-quiet pool pumps around. You just need to carefully research and select brands. 

This is what my article is all about. First, I’ll discuss the apparent advantages of pumps for above-ground pools and hand you some of the quietest ones on the market.

If my recommendations don’t go well with your needs, there’s a buying guide to help you find your own products. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Quick Look into The top 3 for Busy Bees

If you’re too busy looking into the detailed reviews, this section will give a bird’s eye view on three of the best above-ground pool pumps on my list. 

Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS

I favor the W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo because it’s versatile. You have the opportunity to hook it up with Hayward’s own control system or any external system that’s compatible. Plus, this unit is strong. You’ll get a considerable pump speed when turning it up to the highest level.

Pentair SuperFlo VS 342001

Two words, “Electricity Saver.” This is my primary reason for choosing SuperFlow. It cuts down my electricity bills by 80%. Among other perks, it’s easy to install. Also, people won’t even hear it at work. This machine conjures up 30dB of sound at its peak.

XtremepowerUS 2HP In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

I kept it here for its versatility. People can use it for both in-ground and above-ground pool pumps. Corrosion-resistant material gives it long service life. The pump is waterproof as well. Lastly, it makes fewer vibrations than some of the popular brands on the market. So, less sound to deal with.

Advantages of Above-Ground Pool Pumps

I’m not the one to put down in-ground pool pumps in favor of the Above-Ground Pool Pump and Filter combos. However, I noticed some distinct advantages of above-ground machines when comparing. So, let’s get through them quickly before recommending some of the best products.

Above Ground Pool diagram
  • In-Ground pool pumps must deal with suction pressure and gravity since they are installed below water level. Above-ground machines are installed in a flooded area above water level. There’s no water pressure or increased gravity to counter.
  • Above-Ground pool pumps have a low flow rate. This means they are quieter than their in-ground counterparts. In-ground pool pumps can handle 75 to 150 gallons of water per minute. Their counterparts can handle 30 – 60 gallons per minute. 
  • People often mistake above-ground pool pumps to be not “Self-Priming.” “These machines can’t handle air,” some say. They are wrong. Nowadays, these pumps can be self-priming as well. 
  • Installing these pumps is less costly than in-ground pool counterparts. Pumps for in-ground pools require digging and setting up a wall to install. Their counterparts have no additional costs like these. 

Some of the Super Quiet Above-Ground Pool Pumps – My Recommendations

In this section, let’s discuss some of the above-ground pool pumps I used for over a year. Then, I’d review them based on their promises, actual features, and how these units perform in real time. So let’s get to it, shall we? 

1. XtremepowerUS 2HP In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Want to kick this list off with a versatile product? I hear you! I have an XtremepowerUS 2HP pool pump at hand. This lets you set it up for above-ground and in-ground pools, depending on your preferences. It uses polymer in the making. That’s why it’s corrosion-resistant. 


This extends their service life.

Thanks to the 2HP motor at its core, this thing can move water quicker than most pool pumps. The motor spins at 3450rpms. This is fast! At its peak, this pump can move around 5820 gallons of water per hour. Honestly, it’s a bit loud as well. 


Considering people can install it above ground, noise can be an issue. However, this pump is good enough when it comes to weather resistance. I’m talking IPX5 rating. This means it can tolerate water spills. You won’t be able to submerge this pump underwater for too long, though. 

The inner parts of the pump are lubricated. It ensures “Quieter than Normal” operation. You don’t need extra lubricant every once in a while. You’ll have 2-speed levels to contend with. The higher level might be a bit more noisy than usual. You’ll have to clean the bearings once in a while. 


Otherwise, the pump will scream on top of its metaphorical voice, which is normal! Don’t worry. You’ll have commercial-grade impellers built in. As a result, this variable-speed above-ground pool pump performs better than most competitors. 

This thing comes with a ventilation system. As a result, the motor remains cool even after hours of uninterrupted operation. Also, I noticed 2-inch connector ports for suction AND discharge. 

This allows more debris to pass through. As a result, the pump doesn’t clog often. Talk about being low on maintenance.

Did I mention that the motor is single-phase? Well, it is! Also, it runs on 15amps. So you’ll have to use 240V connections to ensure it functions correctly.

2. Pentair SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pool Pump, 342001

This is the perfect product if you want a silent above-ground pool pump and save some bills while it works. I favor SuperFlo Vs for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because it cuts down my electricity bills by 80%. Yes, just as advertised by the makers! Of course, it has other perks as well! Let’s get to them!


This is a plastic-made pump. It’s only 28 inches in length and 15.5 inches in height. Yeah, SuperFlo Vs isn’t bulky. Nor does it take too much space when moving water around. One can forget it’s doing its job after installing it.


Speaking of which, anyone can install this machine. It’s THAT easy. You don’t need any rewiring done. Pentair SuperFlo VS recognizes your connections on its own. On top of that, the makers made the wiring easy to access. As I said, anyone can access the wiring and install it. No hassle whatsoever!

This thing is for standard-sized pools. How do I know that? Well, Pentair SuperFlo supports motors up to 1.5 HP. You can control the speed of your motor. Don’t worry. This machine efficiently moves pool water at lower speed levels as well. You don’t have to frown over it. 


Yes, I got three-speed levels to play with. The best thing about them is that you can program them in whichever way you like. This way, you can set your own speed limits within a certain range. 

I’ve not come to the best part yet. You’ll be able to override your own program at the push of a button. Thanks to a digital control panel, things are easy to handle. You don’t need specific training to use this thing. Yes, there’s a manual inside the package. However, people don’t need it much.

Variable-Speed-Pool-Pump installation

I could monitor everything thanks to a 24-hour clock onboard. This makes programming the speed levels easy, as pie. In addition, I could program speed levels depending on the time of the day. To be honest, it impacted how quiet the machine was during a specific time of day.

As it turns out, this above-ground pool pump is extremely quiet. For starters, it uses a single-phase TEFC motor. With greased ball bearings, I must add. The result? You’ll hear nothing but a whisper when this miracle pool pump does its job. This means it makes around 30 dB of sound at work.

3. Blue Wave NE6183 Above Ground Pool pump

Want a self-priming above-ground pump for your pool? I heard you! Blue Wave NE6183 has many features to impress one and all! Nope, I’m not overpromising. With this, you get a 6-feet cord and 110V outlet. This machine comes with a 1HP motor as well. Thanks to the motor, it’s quiet.


Helpful Anecdote: Mine came with a 1HP motor. People can choose between 1HP and 1.5HP motors. Also, use a 1.5-inch hose with this machine. I got the best out of it using these.

First of all, it has a polymer body. Even above-ground pumps can suffer water damage and dampness like the in-ground ones. The polymer will guard your pump against corrosion. I expect at least 3 to 4 years of service from my product.

I noticed a lint or hair filter as well. This prevents debris from the pool from entering the pump. It further decreases the chances of malfunction or vibration noises. Cool little tweak but effective.

Speaking of the motor, it’s single-phase as usual. People can switch between two-speed levels. I admit that this is sort of a downgrade from my previous candidate with 3 levels. However, I got to play with 1750rpm at the lowest speed and 3450rpm at the highest.

However, you don’t need the second level too often. It’s for the times when you need to run a pool vacuum and a few machines along with that.

Don’t worry. Switching between the speed levels is pretty easy. There’s a rocker switch behind the motor. Just tinker with it to change the levels. It’s as easy as eating a pie!

The entire machine has a frame size of 48 inches. It’s compact! Plus, you get additional equipment to fit it to your liking. It comes with a dual-port design. I could use it for horizontal and vertical discharge for this review.

The NE6183 can efficiently move water around at a low speed. This has a benefit. Operating any motor at low speed means next to no friction between the water and the inner parts of the machine. Inner ball bearings will stay healthy for a long time. It means the machine is quiet as well.

Less friction means less energy being used. You’re on the course of saving some bucks. Also, low speed means less damage to water filtration and plumbing mechanisms. That’s why I prefer to use it for everyday operations. I switch to high speed when I need more power for two or more tools.

Okay, so I’ve been ranting about the quiet motor and pump. How quiet is this? Well, you can’t hear it running unless you’re standing right beside it. Even at the highest speed. I hope it puts your noise woes to rest.

4. Hayward W3SP2303VSP Variable-Speed Pool Pump

What if a “Third Party” tested your pump and certified it for efficiency? Well, this is what happened for the Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo pump. As a result, the authorities gave it a splendid score for saving some energy and cutting electricity bills. However, this is not the only thing the W3SP2303VSP is good at.


As the makers claim, this pump can cut our bills by up to 80%. You have magnets at the core of the motor as well. A magnetic motor makes this thing quiet. TEFC motor prevents unnecessary friction and, thus, ensures a longer ball-bearing lifespan. 

Furthermore, there’s a fan to cool it if people run it for long hours. Don’t worry. You won’t face disruptions due to irregular current flow or other problems. 


Remember I mentioned this pump is quiet? Thanks to the hydraulic design, you’ll have to listen hard to hear it at work,. In fact, it beats most single-phase above-ground pool pumps hands down when it comes to sound, especially when you’re running it at low speed to move some water.

It’s easy to use, just like the previous candidates on my list. You have an easy control panel at work. Controls are easy to interpret as well. Hayward W3SP2303VSP comes with its own programmable clock. People have as many as eight slots to take advantage of. 

Usually, I program the machine for slower speeds during the day when electricity is costly. However, I set it to higher speed levels during the night as I needed the pool to be cleared of debris.


Okay, you can use it automatically with Hayward’s control system thanks to “OmniLogic.” However, people can even pair it up with any compatible relay-style manual control system. So, if you ask me, this feature is worth trying.

This corded unit can be set in four positions during installation. Use 1.5-inch standard or 2-inch PVC inlets with this machine if you want. The W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo is compatible with both 115V and 230V outlets. The process is simple. 

It’s an upgrade you can run without issues with your old setup. 

5. VIVOHOME 2.0 HP 6800 Pool Pump

A Self-Priming Machine? Check! Dual Voltage capacity? Check! Let’s discuss a device from VIVOHOME while we end our list of the quietest Above-Ground Pool Pumps, shall we?


Well, you already know the device’s USPs (yes, there are several). VIVOHOME packed all these and more in a simple casing. Speaking of which, you have a powerful impeller to maximize the water flow. Makers put in extra effort in designing the impeller to make the machine quiet as well. 


VIVOHOME didn’t end here. In fact, they used commercial-grade thermoplastic to come up with the frame of the pump. I used this one for six months before this review. I must say, it’s corrosion-resistant and durable against physical damage. In fact, this design is UL certified for safety standards.

I used it to move water around my pool. However, the machine itself is water-resistant. I have an IPX5 rating to prove that as well. In addition, the thermoplastic allows it to withstand temperatures up to 140°F. Obviously, this machine doesn’t get hot even after running for long hours. 


Remember my Hayward product? This one comes at a lower price than that. But the 6800 GPH pump won’t be an energy-efficient one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Keeping that in mind, this machine is “VERY” quiet. Once I turned it on, it primed and was ready for action in under a minute or so.

Before I forget, the motor has an “Anodized Body.” It safeguards the inner parts from corrosion. You have to make a choice between motors with different HP. You’ll have 1, 1.5, and 2HP motors to pick from. This allows flexibility for people with small to medium-sized pools.


Oh, you get a strainer with the machine. Call it a filter basket. It prevents debris from getting in or out of the pool pump. The users can detach this as well. This allows easy cleaning every two weeks or so. I loved the see-through lid. It allows me to keep an eye on the basket and gives me an idea about cleaning.

The size of this basket impressed me. It could collect leaves and other materials as well. I didn’t have to clean my pool frequently as there was hardly anything polluting the water.

Winter is just around the corner. Frankly, I’m not worried. This little tool comes with a draining device that you can plug and unplug at the bottom. It facilitates a safe passage for clogged water. As a result, I won’t have to face problems thanks to water accumulation during this winter season (hopefully).

VIVOHOME Pool Pump isn’t without its flaws. I felt that the motor was not as strong as advertised. This is especially true when I compare this product with Hayward.

How to Get Your Hands on the Best Above-Ground Pool Pumps in the Business?

Let’s say none of these products is to your liking. You’ll need to buy a different one. In that case, the following section is for you! Here, I’ll discuss the factors that prompted me to select these machines. Then, I hope you’ll be able to select your own product by retracing my footprint.

Check the Horsepower of Your Pool Pump’s Motor

Motor’s Horsepower should be at the top of your priority list. Bigger pools will need pump motors with more HP counts. In other words, you’ll need powerful motors.

At the same time, Powerful motors will be noisier than normal ones. The balance is very delicate, and you must maintain it yourself. 


Let’s do a bit of a math calculation for first-time users. This will help you get the GPM count of your pump. Why? Well, the GPM is proportionate to the Horsepower of your pump’s motor. The higher the GPM, the more powerful your motor is. 

Ideally, the chosen pump should be able to move all the water in your pool in 12 hours or less.

  • You’ll have to measure the water in your pool in gallons.
  • The next thing I’d do is multiply the number by 2.
  • I got a new number for myself! All I need to do is to divide the new number by 24. 
  • All I had to do is to divide the new number by 60, and I got my GPM.

Now that you got your GPM following my footsteps, you need to get the product that has the appropriate HP to circulate this much GPM of pool water. 

Okay, Does My Pool Size Matter When Buying a Pump?

Yes, it does!

I taught you how to measure the HP rating of a motor, remember? So, knowing your pool’s dimensions helps you pinpoint how powerful of a motor you need. 

Furthermore, people should know how much water is in their pools. This will help them determine the flow rate and electricity needed to operate pool pumps. 

Choose Between Different Speed Levels When It Comes to Pool Pumps

You’ll find a bunch of pool pumps with different speed levels when you’re out shopping. What you choose and why matters. You’ll have to make a choice considering three types of above-ground pool pumps. These are: 

Single-Speed Pool Pumps

Single-Speed pumps come with a one-speed level. Duh! The exciting bit is these machines are always set on high speed. While they pump water at a set speed, these pumps make you cough up more electricity bills. But these pumps are the cheapest of the lot. There’s another catch!

Most of the time, these pumps aren’t so quiet. These products aren’t ideal for a mid or large-sized pool. Don’t buy these if you want your pump to filter water, among other things. 

2-Speed Pool Pumps

These pumps aren’t much different from single-speed ones. I’m being honest! The only thing is, you’ll have a “Low Speed” setting along with the constant one. However, this will help you if you need to filter out debris and chemical waste from your pool. Most of the time, you’ll find a basket along with the pump.

The normal speed is best suited when you need to vacuum the pool or heat it for some reason. People will tell you that there’ll be a difference in electricity bills if you use these. This is not entirely true. There’s not so much difference in bills if you run these pumps on “High” speeds.

Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

These products have more than two levels of speed in their arsenals (Cue: Hayward pump on my list). I’m the biggest advocate of buying a variable-speed pool pump over other alternatives. With these, you’ll be able to set your own GPM count for what you need to circulate.

You’ll be able to set your own custom water flow rate as well. Most of the time, the controls are user-friendly. Even beginners can interpret the panels. Buy the best variable-speed pool pump available if you want a reduced utility bill each month. These are some of the quietest above-ground pool pumps.

However, there’s a catch! These pumps are costly. These will cost you more than the two types I discussed above. 

Do You NEED A Silent Above-Ground Pool Pump?

I hate to burst your bubbles, but nothing’s ever silent. Every machine makes a sound (be it audible or inaudible). You won’t have a “Truly” quiet above-ground pool pump. You just have to keep the noise manageable. That said, people can always buy products with good parts to minimize noise.

Yes, how much noise a pump makes depends on the inner workings of a pump as well. So make sure you buy one with greased balls and bearings. 

Look carefully, and you’ll notice vibrations coming from the motor. More vibration means more noise. So I am looking for a thick insulation system on pumps to reduce vibrations. 

A while back, I talked about different models of above-ground pool pumps. How quiet a machine is, depends on the model as well. For example, variable-speed pool pumps are quieter than single-speed ones. Following these steps will give you a device with mild noise. 

Don’t worry; you can reduce the noise further. Just follow the following steps!

  • Don’t install the product too far from your pool. 
  • Always buy a larger filter as opposed to the smaller one.
  • Please, clean your pools regularly.
  • Don’t install the pump at a 90-degree angle.

Keep an Eye on the Voltage of Your Motor


We have two electricity grids functioning all over the world. 120V and 240V, respectively.

You shouldn’t buy a machine that works on 240V if you have 120V outlets. Be specific on voltage counts.

Otherwise, you’ll face power outages. In the worst-case scenario, a device malfunction can happen. 

There’s an easy solution to the problem. First, I’d buy machines that work within variable voltages. This reduces the chance of power spikes and damage to home appliances.

My Last Words!

I’m a massive sucker for Hayward’s W3SP2303VSP. This pump has a lot packed in, considering its small size. Pentair SuperFlo comes close to being the quietest above-ground pool pump. But it’s not as strong as Hayward’s product. On the other hand, it’s convenient to use as well. People can pair it up with different control systems.

Blue Wave comes third. If you don’t favor these three, there’re plenty of options. All you need to do is to be specific about your pool and the type of device you want. I believe my buying guide will be more than enough to set you off on the right foot. Do let me know about your experiences of using these machines.

Hope to hear from you soon. 

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

Robert is an electronic engineer with more than five years of experience with a solid affinity for helping people reduce noise. He writes about these silent home appliances and easy soundproofing measures to help everyone avoid the negative effect of extended exposure to high noise levels.

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