Being a light sleeper can come in handy when someone is trying to sneak up on you or you have an early appointment you can’t afford to miss. But the downside is nearly everything disrupts your sleep nirvana.

Light sleepers are often faced with the dilemma of sleeping hot or bearing the whirring noise from the stodgy standing fan. Either way, it can be a huge pain in the rear.

quietest bladeless fan

And, since you are here, you’ve probably seen one of these whimsical bladeless fans trending in the fan industry, leaving you wondering if it’d be the solution to your poor sleep quality.

Luckily, bladeless fans are making their way into many homes because their silent airflow delivers a calm, soothing breeze that can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless night.

Sadly, not all bladeless fans are created equal.

So, if this is your first time, carefully read through the detailed buying guide to ensure you make the right choice among the expertly handpicked, quietest bladeless fans.

Here’s a Summary of the Quietest Bladeless Fan

Dyson Cool AM07 一 is a premium option with industry-leading Air Multiplier technology offering a massive stream of a refreshing breeze. This beast has an 80-degree horizontal oscillation to spread chilly airflow throughout the room while consuming 20% less power than its predecessor. This product is highly sought after for its classy, affluence white aesthetics to accent your home’s decor.

Dreo Cruiser Pro T1 一 stands 42-inch tall with the most unique air-duct and a powerful motor to deliver high-velocity soothing wind for an instant cooling effect. This tower fan absorbs the surrounding air from the side and back to hit to create an immensely windy atmosphere. Besides, you can set and forget this device with its AUTO mode, which adjusts its fan speed based on your home temperature.

Greentech Environmental pureFlow QT7 一 is the MOST beautiful table fan on this list. It’s designed to cycle your room’s air more times than the traditional models. It’s the ONLY product on this list with vertical and horizontal oscillation, so you NEVER miss the chilly breeze.

CONBOLA Desk Fan 一 is the best portable table bladeless fan out there. It comes with a powerful rechargeable 4400mAh battery that would last you nearly a whole day. It comes with a trendy Type-C port to use your already-owned gadget cord with this device. This silent bladeless fan is ridiculously cheap and comes in several color options.

ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan 一 is the ONLY product on this list with a True HEPA filter to keep the air pollen, allergen, and contaminant-free (especially for people dealing with dust allergies). This product cycles your room air 5X in one hour with massive coverage of 320 sq. ft. Its Bladeless Air Stream Technology proudly pushes out cool and whisper-quiet wind with chilly vibes.

Are Bladeless Fans Quiet?

Before splurging on these trendy devices, it’s smart to question the salesy promises from manufacturers, which, time and again, have proven not trustworthy.

Are bladeless fans really quiet? And, if yes, how hush are they?

Regular fans generate a lot of noise because of the turbulence their large blades create in the air. The noise level can differ depending on the model of the domestic fans but would usually range between 50 to 75 dB(A).


Numerical Aerodynamic Evaluation and Noise Investigation of a Bladeless Fan on

On the other hand, bladeless fans, which, if we are truly frank, are not genuinely bladeless as the base of the appliance house a bladed motor. However, it relies on the small blades enclosed at its bottom and other natural phenomena to create a consistent air stream without the whooshing sound associated with its domestic counterparts.

This explains the current soaring increase in demand for this appliance: whisper-quiet performance below 50 dB(A) and refined contemporary design.

Bladeless fan vs. Normal fan vs. Tower Fan

You probably have changed everything in your bedroom, including your mattress, to isolate your sleeping partner’s motion so your sleep quality is not affected by their tossing and turning.

Now, it seems the fan is the only thing missing, and you are caught up in one of the hottest topics: Bladeless fan vs. Normal fan vs. Tower Fan; which is the best option?

In terms of size, regular fans are the biggest and tend to take up more space in your room due to their flat base designed to provide stability. Tower and bladeless models typically rock a streamlined structure and a small base to fit into tight spaces.

Most shoppers don’t settle for standard fans for aesthetic reasons. Due to the large size of the normal fans and odd-shape, they are not as visually appealing as the others. The bladeless fans have a beautiful futuristic design, which makes this a clear winner for aesthetics and improving your home decor.

However, pedestal fans pack more than enough power to deliver as much airflow as needed during hot, sweaty periods. Each type of cooling fan comes with a different mechanism resulting in an entirely different airflow type.

While the pedestal models might be equipped with powerfully optimized fan blades, you would have to bear the broken airflow and loud whooshing noise. Bladeless options are great for continuous noiseless air streams to promote a better sleep experience and hit your dreamland sooner than later.

Are Bladeless fans better?

There is no simple way of answering this if that’s what you are looking for. However, I can tell you who the bladeless fans are better for. These latest appliances are for consumers looking to splurge on an eye-catching fan to accent their room decor while capable of delivering consistent, unbroken airstreams for an immediate cooling effect.

Simply put, they are the industry’s most energy-efficient and quiet fans. So, if you need peace and quiet to encourage better sleep quality, the bladeless fans are better options for you.

How Do Bladeless Fans Work?

Contrary to what you might believe, bladeless fans come with blades, but they are NOT visible. They are located out-of-sight in the pedestal base to suck air in through the perforations. The blades are small and are nowhere close to drawing the much-needed air to keep you cool during hot periods.


This innovative device relies on a natural phenomenon called the ‘Coandă’ effect to increase the original air intake by more than 10X. The air intake is forced through the thin slit into the ring to create an outward airflow along the curved-shaped inner wall. The cause and effect of this process is a negative pressure within the ring which induces neighboring air into the cavity and expels a multiplied stream of air toward you.

Since the bladeless relies more on a natural phenomenon than the power-packed bladed motor, it explains its ultra-quiet cooling performance.

Advantages of Bladeless Fans

Low Power Consumption

We have a lot of everyday appliances consuming energy, which can add up to a significant utility expense (estimated to be around $2060 per year for a typical household in the U.S.) So, it’s wise to choose a different path by considering energy-efficient fans.


Among many options in the fan industry, the bladeless models consume the LEAST energy, thanks to its simple mechanism. These models can help you SAVE more on your home utility bill.


If you have inquisitive kids that love to experience new things or appliances with their hands, the bladeless models are your best bet. You can’t keep watch on these charming little ones 24/7. Not to mention the constant worry you have to go through as a parent because you don’t know what little junior can stick into these fast-spinning blades.

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The bladeless models have their blades hidden in the pedestal base, which is out of reach for your kids. If you don’t joke with the safety of your kids, there’s NO going wrong with these new, innovative models.

Improved Air Quality

This is one advantage that not only sets the bladeless fan aside from its alternative but positions it as the best cooling fan for every household. The primary aim of this appliance is to keep its users super cool during the summertime.


However, some models are equipped with HEPA filters to remove up to 99% of the surrounding air’s allergens, pollens, dust, and other contaminants for safer, breathing air. High-end models integrated with activated carbon filters can keep your home odor-free.

Quiet Bladeless Fan Reviews

1. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier bladeless Tower Fan

Taking the lead on this list is a tower fan from Dyson, the Apple of the fan industry, and premiering most of the products on the market. The Cool AM07 has been around for quite a while. However, it has been optimized to consume 20% less power and is 60% quieter than its predecessors.


There’s no denying that this product’s classy look screams affluence and magnificence. This model stands tall, a little over 1m, and about 190mm wide, which barely takes up any space and blends with your room’s decor from any corner – precisely what you need from a bladeless model.


Equipped with revolutionary ‘Air Multiplier technology, this model delivers an uninterrupted stream of soothing breeze to lower your body temperature immediately. Using the physical laws of entrainment and inducement, you won’t feel the conflicting blast of air, usually causing you to feel the air and still somehow hot within.

Another area the Dyson Cool AM07 impressively projects is its world-class engineering: its ability to deliver such unbeatable cooling performance without noise. At its highest speed, this chap will leave you doubting if it’s running at its max because you won’t hear any whooshing noise like its competitors.

What’s more?

The Dyson Cool AM07 is in a league of its own with a magnetic remote control that stays securely to the white/silver hoop. You don’t ever have to worry about losing the remote. If that happens, sadly, there’s no way to access its oscillation function.


Talking about the oscillating function, this fan with no blade moves 80 degrees from one side to another, which is a lot of coverage from a corner. This way, you don’t have to keep adjusting the fan or changing your sitting position to enjoy its sea-like cooling breeze.

In addition to that;

Depending on your preference, this silent bladeless fan offers ten-speed levels, from a light breeze to a powerful high-speed airstream. If you are sitting far away from this unit, set its speed using the sleek, refined remote control to crank up its speed to the highest.

Best of all?

Everyone would find its wide-range sleep timer function handy, from 15 min to 9 hours, to keep your energy consumption low since it’s programmable to function for specific intervals.

Who is this for?

If you are NOT low on budget and hate those cumbersome, satellite dish-like fans, then the Dyson Cool AM07 is worth purchasing. It makes ZERO noise while delivering the most harmonious airstream to beat the hot summer.

DYSON AM07 Tower Fan – Honest Long Term Review By TEKDAD

It has most of the top-selling features of a bladeless fan if you love value-packed appliances. Also, its handsome aesthetics add a touch of style, class, and affluence to any space for homeowners who want a great-looking home.

What Could Be Better?

The Dyson Cool AM07 lacks a vertical oscillation, which means you have to manually pitch the cylindrical hoop to get its hush breeze hitting you from a distance.

Also, if you are not using this device from a corner, its 80-degree side-to-side oscillation can be problematic.

2. Dreo DR-HTF001 42 Inch Oscillating Bladeless Fan 34dB – 48 dB

Shying away from the high price point of the top-class Dyson Cool AM07? You can steal this high-performer with several handy features for a delightful breeze during summer at half the price of Cool AM07.


Not all high-end models can fill a room with a refreshing breeze to shield you from a sweaty, smelly afternoon like the Dreo DR-HTF001. This model delivers a steady cool airstream at a whooping velocity of 24ft/s.

The manufacturer took a slightly different approach to outshine others in the fan arena with its unique air duct and robust motor.

Ignoring technical terms, in real life, this unit absorbs the air from the back and side to expel a cool and comforting breeze to let users feel relaxed and chilled to take an afternoon nap or a relaxing night of rest.

Because it relies on the fluid mechanics of the eccentric air-dust design, this model is super quiet despite its low price point. It makes a subtle shhh-like noise below 48 dB, even at its peak speed.


Beyond that, this low-price bladeless bedroom fan comes with a 90-degree oscillation which might seem better than the Dyson Cool AM07 on paper. But from my experience, you would hardly notice the 10-degree difference. However, it helps improve indoor air circulation and exchange for immediate cooling even from a distance.

Unlike the mother of all tower fans, the Dreo DR-HTF001 comes with six-speed levels and compensates for its limited options with three breeze modes – Sleep, Natural and Normal. Most users rarely need to pick from the speed options. The Auto Mode allows the device to adapt to your room’s ambient temperature by changing the fan speed for a cool and airy space.

Even at its low price, this model comes with a remote control to customize its setting from your couch. Also, it has a Clear LED Display providing essential information from speed to room temperature. It can be really bright to allow users to see from a distance but won’t interrupt your sleep by dimming when you turn on Sleep Mode.

Who is this for?

Shopping on a tight budget but wish to have the top-of-the-class Dyson Cool AM07. The Dreo DR-HTF001 has a price tag of half the cost of AM07. This product reflects the manufacturer’s competitive acoustic engineering via its ADVANCED noise-canceling airflow system and a powerful motor to deliver an immense stream of windy airflow and hush performance.


In a nutshell, you can snag almost all PREMIUM features without paying a salty price.

What Could Be Better?

In terms of aesthetics, this product won’t make my list. However, that’s not a significant issue since it comes in a black color that would blend with your room’s style from a corner. The real issue? The customer service is NOT up to par.

A couple of people ran into issues and couldn’t rely on them for prompt solutions. Imagine? Better performance, LOWEST price point, and several high-end features but absent customer service.

3. Greentech Environmental pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan (whisper-quiet 13 decibels)

The pureFlow QT7 is Adriana Lima (the world’s most beautiful woman in 2022) in the arena of fans. Its beautiful futuristic aesthetic is hard to miss. Even its detractors agree and applaud its overall eye-catching appearance.


Bladeless fans by design are quiet, but the Greentech Environmental pureFlow QT7 is super quiet, making it a priceless model. It’s meant to sit wobbly-free on your office desk or bedside with the most ADVANCED oscillation system that allows 90-degree vertical and horizontal maneuver for evenly distributed cool air.

Surprisingly, this model packs enough power to move surrounding air quickly for a continuous chilly breeze with NO noise. It operates ultra-quiet at a noise level of 13 dB(A), the LOWEST in the fan industry, for a peaceful and serene ambiance.


Sitting close to you, the pureFlow QT7 has up to 12 fan speed settings, from a gentle breeze for productivity to a soft blast of mighty chilly wind to induce quality sleep. While it is never very far from the users, this model can be operated with its function-packed remote control, so you don’t have to leave your relaxed position to adjust the fan’s speed.


To put it all in a nutshell, this portable fan comes at a reasonable price, with a bladed motor breaking into the fan industry for its ridiculously LOW power consumption. Would you believe it if I told you it only consumes about 2 – 3 watts? This is one of the few models out there that won’t cause a hike to your monthly utility cost but instead help you SAVE more in the long run.

Who is this for?

The pureFlow QT7 is designed for people who love eye-catching, white-lustrous portable fans with no blades by their side – either on the office desk or at the bedside.

It’s ULTRA-QUIET and delivers a flow of smooth air with 90-degree vertical and horizontal oscillation for an even super-chilly temperature up to 30 feet.

What Could Be Better?

Before purchasing the incredible pureFlow QT7, you might want to check how much you have on your desk – why? It’s not as portable as it seems. Straight out of the box, I knew it wouldn’t earn a place on my small desk. However, I’d plenty of room for it at my bedside.

4. CONBOLA Desk Fan, 4400mAh 11.8 Inch Bladeless Fan

The CONBOLA Desk Fan offers the exciting aesthetics of Dyson Cool AM07 and a more compact approach than the Greentech Environmental pureFlow QT7 to allow users to take great pride in using this device on the desk, bedside, or on the go.


Integrated with a rechargeable 4400mAh battery, this model offers the convenience and freedom other products on this list lack. You don’t need to be confined to the nearest electric outlet.

Also, its stunning portability and battery-powered design provide important leverage to allow you to easily carry and use it from desk to bedside and even hold it during carnivals without hand fatigue.


More so, it comes with a Type-C cable to recharge the battery that can last up to 9 hrs, which means you can charge once and stay cool throughout your work period. The best part of this device is having a type-C port becomes evident when you run out of juice and forget your cable. There’s always one to borrow nearby since most people now use typeC-compatible gadgets.

Moving on;

You can have this table fan in any of the three color options, but I prefer the white version for its luxurious appeal that easily matches any office or bedroom setting. In addition, this unit has a non-slip silicone base to keep this device firmly on the spot.


Furthermore, it is equipped with colorful gradient LED lights that set the mood at night for a beautiful night of sleep. Plus, it makes it easier to identify this device at night to avoid bumping into it or wasting time guessing where it’s in the dark.


More impressively, it features a touch control button to choose between the soft, medium, and strong modes and the natural wind mode. The latter option is perfect for baby rooms to keep them sleeping throughout the night without catching a cold.

Who is this for?

Buy the CONBOLA Desk Fan if you need an affordable and portable bladeless fan capable of expelling chilly wind for an INSTANT cooling effect.

Enjoy its consistent, super-quiet, excellent airflow for a low price, which is remarkably sufficient for one person at the desk or in bed. This model can’t keep your entire office well-aerated and cool.

What Could Be Better?

This is arguably the best handheld bladeless model, but its lack of oscillating function limits its performance and effectiveness. A negative follow-on effect of this missing feature is low coverage, which makes it nearly impossible to share its cool breeze with your sleeping partner.

5. ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan With Air Purifier

The ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan offers the best of all of the products I’ve reviewed. Thousands of customers have bought this device specifically for its terrific air purification and just price point. This explains its recent soar in demand and popularity.

The manufacturer seemed to be willing to go the extra length to provide customers with a product that’s as close to a one-size-fits-all solution.

Let’s talk about its look;

Coming with a similar conventional cylindrical hoop to the Dyson, this model looks like a true bladeless fan. However, it’s easy to mistake this device for a portable speaker, which is NOT a deal breaker if you love aesthetics.


You can easily place it close to the TV console or game station, and everyone wouldn’t be aware that this little beast is responsible for distributing a cool breeze for a delightful summertime.

If you don’t like that idea, here’s something that might spike an interest – Replaceable HEPA-Filter.

If you live in an urban area or a room with more than three people, having a device purifying the air is crucial. While you can spend several bucks on a separate air purifier, this ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan is cost-effective: it aerates and purifies your room at half the price.

This unit is equipped with the LASTEST 360-degree perfect sealed technology to keep the device’s dust, pollens, allergen, etc., trapped. While we all know that HEPA filters trap contaminants in the surrounding air, it’d have been nice if the manufacturer stated clearly what pollutants the bladeless fans filter.

Anything else?

The CARB-certified has a 30-degree air outlet coupled with a 90-degree oscillation to ensure this appliance covers a wide area despite its compact design. Users can easily place it in a corner and forget it.

There’s NO need to go turn the hoop or change your position to get hit by its chilly breeze. Sit where you are and enjoy your 320 sq. ft. room filled with refreshing cold air.

After a shower, I usually reach out for this silent bladeless fan and leave it at the door for more than an hour to prevent mold. Although it’s bulkier than I imagine, it’s portable and NO hassle to move around. Grab it from anywhere, and it follows without feeling like it will break off. I’ve moved this device more times than I can imagine.

For the best deal, it comes with a very responsive remote control and would rarely need you to get closer or press more than twice and wonder if it’s ever working. You can choose from 9 fan speed settings and three cooling modes from its LED touch-screen or remote control. The Sleep Mode dims the bright lights (for easy visibility from afar) after 2 mins to support a deep nap or good night’s sleep.

Who is this for?

Don’t have enough money or budget for expensive models but love to have an air purifier function? This best quiet bladeless fan is a great choice if you don’t mind its speaker-like appearance. It pushes a more thrilling breeze than its size, making it suitable for a wider range of applications, from desk to bedroom.

What Could Be Better?

The plug design is too big and takes up space for two plugs. Once you plug this device, there’s barely any space for another appliance. Also, the cord length is too short, which limits the reach of this device.

Comparisons of Best Quiet Bladeless Fans

 Dyson Cool AM07Dreo Cruiser Pro T1pureFlow QT7CONBOLA Desk FanULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan
Best ForValueLarge AreaTable FanPortabilityBedroom
Degree of Oscillation80-degree Horizontal90-degree Horizontal90-degree Horizontal & VerticalNil90-degree Horizontal
Decibel34 – 48 (dB)13 (dB)30 – 50 (dB)32 (dB)
Speed levels1061239
Timer15 mins – 9 hours1 – 12 Hours1 – 9 Hours –1 – 8 Hours
Rated Power45 W21 W10 W35 W
Warranty2 years1 year2 years

What to Consider When Choosing Quiet Bladeless Fan?

Style, Size, and Shape

Bladeless fans come in two options – tabletop and freestanding models. While bladeless fans barely take up much floor space, you might have to create a space for the tabletop versions. So, picking a model that best suits your purpose and available space is essential.

The tower fans are aesthetically appealing for large rooms. Its tall, sleek, and space-saving design allows this model to nestle in a corner and deliver a cooling breeze. I’d recommend purchasing a model that can offer a cool breeze during summertime and a hot stream of air during winter to allow users to get the most out of their devices.

However, there’s a concern with tower models. These tall, vertical-shaped models can be challenging to store when not in use and can’t be left in the corner. I can’t seem to find a suitable space to suggest keeping these versions.


The bladeless desk models rock a portable design with the same cylindrical hoop but with a short height of around 0.6m. They are perfect for desks, bedside tables, and side tables.

But when purchasing a tabletop bladeless fan, it’s essential to go for units with a ’tilt’ feature to choose your preferred angle and direction for the airflow. People don’t realize the importance of this feature until you lay on your bed and can’t make the consistent stream of air hit you.

Noise Level

Wait, before you skip this factor, you might want to know how manufacturers have been lying about the noise level.

Are bladeless fans actually quiet?

No one wants a loud buzzing, whooshing, or clunking noise interrupting their work, sleep, or binge-watching their favorite TV shows.

These latest appliances are relatively quiet, especially in lower settings. Some models packing more power and offering higher speed settings can be almost as noisy as the traditional models.

When manufacturers tout the bladeless model as quiet, they are actually trying to fool shoppers by running the device on low – mid-speed settings.

If you are shopping for a noise-free fan, here’s my candid advice:

Avoid manufacturers that label their products as “super quiet” and do not corroborate their claims by providing a decibel rating.

You should consider a product rated below 35 dB(A) for light sleepers, equivalent to a whisper. In general, the quietest bladeless fan to purchase should generate noise under 50 dB(A).

Power And Speed

The number of speed modes a bladeless fan has nothing to do with how much power this appliance wields. The latter depends on the blade motor enclosed in its base. The tricky part: having a powerful motor doesn’t necessarily mean better cooling performance.

However, it’s better to pay closer attention to the volume of air the fan moves in a minute. The capacity of the fan to do this is measured in CFM, cubic feet per minute. Remember that the manufacturer only offers the maximum CFM for the highest speed settings.

But how do you make a better choice weighing the CFM of this appliance?

If you have ample living space or a bedroom that needs to be cooled, higher CFMs are the way to go. Usually, the larger units come with the highest value and are corded models.

Meanwhile, for a small cooling area like your office, you might be better off with handheld and tabletop models with lower CFMs. Also, you might want to take advantage of the battery-powdered options for an unfettered cooling experience.

For reference, a unit with 80 CFM should suffice for a room of about 250 square feet and a ceiling height of 8 feet for two air exchanges.

However, there are free online CFM calculators to help determine the correct value you should be looking for in a fan, depending on the number of air exchanges, room dimensions, and ceiling height.

Control And Timers

Traditional models offer a few speed options, but the new bladeless models take usability and control a notch further by providing advanced controls for easy operation. The latest ones are integrated with smart technology, remote control, and a timer, among many others.

The timer function is handy for keeping energy consumption low since the fan will only be powered for a specific period and turned off automatically.

Another nice feature is the remote control to operate the appliance from a distance without getting out of bed. Keep in mind that the remotes come in small sizes. Thus, you should opt for ones with a magnet to attach to the top of the fan or a compartment to avoid losing them.

For high-end models, they are integrated with smart technology making it easier to choose the speed, set a timer, and do more from your tablets or smartphones. Even better, you can use voice controls to turn it OFF and ON while your hand is messy.


Some models are designed to deliver a powerful stream of cool air, while others prioritize portability to allow users to move from one room to another effortlessly. Most bladeless models offer the best of both worlds – powerful capacities and fantastic portability.

Plus, they are usually lightweight and easy to carry, even for models without handles. Keep in mind that there are wearable and handheld models with incredible small sizes and lightweight for on-the-go and traveling during summertime.

Extra Features

Bladeless fans are in a league of their own as they incorporate sophisticated functionality allowing them to also serve as heaters and air purifiers. They won’t come cheap but definitely offer value for money.

A model doubling as an air purifier will come with a HEPA filter to keep your surrounding air free from pollen, allergens, and other contaminants for 3 to 6 months before changing them.

Where should a bladeless fan be placed for the best results?

Remember that these devices rely on inducement and entrainment to push out refreshing air. To get the most out of a bladeless fan, you should place them close to an open window or any source of natural air.

Also, keep them in a corner if it has a 90-degree oscillation, but for models that offer 180 – 350-degree oscillation, anywhere except the corners would do.

Are Bladeless Fans More Energy Efficient?

These innovative models keep your room temperature low without heavily depending on driving 3 – 4 large blades. They come with small blades safely located in the pedestal base that require less power to drive them. In the long run, it helps cut utility costs significantly.

Is a Dyson fan better than an ordinary fan?

This really depends on the user. If you hate noise and want a safer appliance around your pets and kids, then the Dyson fan is your best bet.

Conversely, an ordinary fan packs more power to deliver a powerful blast of breeze to cool a room full of people.


Hopefully, my top picks for the quietest bladeless fan and detailed buying guide are enough for you to make a smart decision.

However, it’s essential to know that there is no one-size-fits-all option, and you should choose a product that caters to your needs and preference.

For portability, the battery-powered CONBOLA Desk Fan is your best bet. Or , you might want to stick with the powerful Dyson Cool AM07 for premium features, impressive aesthetics, and improved cooling performance.

There’s no wrong choice here – just go through these products while weighing the critical factors mentioned above to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

Robert is an electronic engineer with more than five years of experience with a solid affinity for helping people reduce noise. He writes about these silent home appliances and easy soundproofing measures to help everyone avoid the negative effect of extended exposure to high noise levels.

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