Regular staplers are excellent for stapling one to five documents a few times a week. So, the odds of you hating them for their unreliable performance and the hassle of using them can be low.

However, at some point, you must have accidentally hurt yourself using these regular staplers, especially when you are in a hurry to get the busted pin out or force it through the stacked papers.

Not to mention the sore hands and fatigue after using them.

So, it’s understandable if you want to purchase a much safer and better-performing stapler to handle enormous piles of paper without hurting yourself in the process. Electric staplers are the preferred option to avoid the painful and tedious process while saving time and effort.

Sadly, most electric staplers are so noisy that after more than 5 minutes with them leads to a headache, which negatively impacts your productivity. It would be best if you didn’t put your health on the line for quick stapling performance.

Luckily, I’ve expertly handpicked the top 5 best quiet electric staplers on the market that stood out from the competition and were worth every penny.

Here’s a Summary of the 5 Quietest Electric Staplers

MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII 一 is an automatic TOUCHLESS stapler equipped with the most powerful motor and gear mechanism to staple up to 70 sheets. It’s one of the FEW heavy-duty machines with the Metal Frame Finger Guard for SAFE and QUICK stapling. It offers two operation modes – Manual and Automatic – for an uninterrupted professional-quality stapling experience.

EcoElectronix EX-25 一 is one of the QUIETEST staplers on the market without sacrificing incredible power to punch through 30 sheets effortlessly. It sports a FOOL-PROOF reloading design to save time and comes preloaded with a full-strip of 210 PREMIUM staples for one of the MOST secure fastenings. Above all, this incredible device is backed by a 2-year WORRY-FREE warranty to ensure you don’t regret purchasing it.

BOSTITCH Impulse 一 rocks a unique blend of sophisticated design and SUPERIOR stapling performance to handle a HIGH volume of stapling working under the tightest schedule. This best electric stapler for office use packs unbelievable power to NEATLY fasten up to 45 sheets with the LEAST noise. It comes with the FAVORITE 5000 B8 PowerCrown ¼ Premium Staples and is equipped with a push-button FastLoad magazine for MAXIMUM productivity – ZERO time wasted!

Swingline Electric Stapler 一 is the CHEAPEST device on the list. Portable but POWERFUL! It punches above its weight and will stand head-to-head with most high-end models. It offers dual power options, so you don’t EVER have to staple with your hands. It has an ERGONOMIC design for easy handling and portable use. Equipped with one of the most ADVANCED electric motors, this unit NEVER fails to power through 20 sheets.

PraxxisPro Powerhouse 一 is a CLEAR winner when it comes to durability and standing up to clumsy users. It’s built with SUPERIOR performance to offer more than 30,000 stapling cycles. It has 5000 STRONG fasteners to hold up to 40 sheets together without ruining your documents. Whether used with a power outlet or manually, the PraxxisPro Powerhouse won’t deny you professional quality stapling results.

How Does An Electric Stapler Work?

Electric staplers have the same goal as manual staplers in offices or homes – joining tons of paper sheets together with a staple.

Unlike the regular version, electric models eliminate using manual force to power the staple through a pile of papers. These latest devices are equipped with sensors to trigger the stapling mechanism once it detects the stacked papers.


The solenoid, coiled steel shaped into a tube, is activated by the sensor to pull the spring-loaded hammer and release it on the staples to drive it through the papers. This way, NO need to lean or tap on the handle hard to hit the hammer for a stapling action.

The ONLY effort it requires from users is to place the paperwork in the slot. Thus, NO more sore hands and wear to a frazzle.

Do I Need An Electric Stapler?

Best Quiet Electric Stapler

Staplers are a NECESSARY tool in any store, home, or office. However, the type of stapler to use depends on your workload. An electric stapler might be a luxurious option if you rarely have to put the enormous paperwork together.

But if you find yourself stapling more than 20 paper sheets several times a day, then an electric stapler is a MUST-HAVE for you.


Better stapling capacity

Compared to manual staplers, some electric alternatives can handle more pages, up to 70 sheets at once, like the MAX USA CORP. EH-70FI.

They are perfect for users who often need to staple thick documents multiple times. With the manual models, you are more likely to run into many issues and spend a great deal of time plucking out the busted staple pin and retrying.

Pain-free Experience

If you’ve ever handled a manual stapler for more than 5 minutes, you would agree it’s painful and exhausting to use, especially with large documents. Aside from the sore hands that develop after prolonged use, users are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive motion condition.

Thanks to its automated stapling mechanism, you can avoid work-related injuries and excess pain by switching your standard stapler with an electric model.


This is one of the most SIGNIFICANT advantages an electric stapler brings to any office, store, or home. Manual staplers are not only a pain to use and rough on hand; they are time-wasting devices, especially when you have a lot of paperwork to fasten together.

With the latest models, you can fasten large stacks of papers in a blink of an eye—no need to expend your energy on stapling. Users can use their free time and unexpended energy on other important office or home tasks.

Better accuracy

One of many issues experienced with the manual model is fastening paperwork wrongly. When this happens, you have to figure out how to remove the pin and retry more carefully. If you are lucky, you don’t ruin the papers and get it right the second time.

Electric models are godsent. They offer consistent and reliable stapling results every time. You don’t have to worry about the staples getting too far, or too close to the edge of the paper, or mangling. The chances of getting it wrong with them are slim.


Electric models are not cheap compared to manual models. Hence, if your workload isn’t overwhelming, you might be better off with the manual models.

Also, manual models don’t require batteries or an electric outlet to function. You can use them anytime and anywhere. Plus, they offer impressive flexibility, which makes them an excellent choice for beginners.

How Much Noise Does The Electric Stapler Make?

Electric staplers do not come with an air compressor like the pneumatic stapler guns. They rely on the solenoid to repel the hammer to forcefully drive the two-prong metal through the stack-up paperwork for a quick, HAND-FREE fastening experience.

This mechanical process is not quiet and can generate noise of more than 70 dB(A). Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can result in noise-induced hearing loss. Also, during a high workload, the rat-a-tat-tat noise can be upsetting to your colleagues.

How Can I Reduce Noise?

There’s really nothing you can do to knock down the noise level of a NOISY electric stapler. However, you should protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss by using the device in an open space instead of an enclosed room, if possible.

All in all, it’s best to avoid noisy models. They can be counterproductive.

How I Picked Quiet Electric Staplers?

The variety of options online can be overwhelming and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be, even if this is your first time shopping for one.

Here are some of the KEY factors to look out for in these electric models to ensure you make the right decision.



With traditional staplers, there’s no escaping bent or jammed staple pins. This can be frustrating because you have to open the handle to access the magazine, which you must push back to remove and correctly fit the staple pin before trying again.

Thanks to technological advancement, most automatic staplers are equipped with Anti-jamming technology to ensure users can use them under pressure without dealing with any annoying inconveniences.


Most electric fasteners are not designed with silence in mind. Well, you can’t really blame the manufacturer. These devices pack a powerful punch to ensure the hammer can drive the staple pin through dozens of paper in a go.

However, if you intend to use this device in a public space or a shared office, it’s essential to purchase a model with noise-free technology to ensure you staple all you want without earning a groan from your colleague.

Besides, extended exposure to high noise levels puts you and others at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, headache, low productivity, and high-stress levels.

Variety Of Settings

Electric models offer a wide range of settings to make stapling enormous paperwork a breeze. For instance, an electric stapler with an adjustable staple position will allow users to pick the most convenient place to fasten the document to ensure vital information can easily be read.

Even better, I love and recommend staplers integrated with staple capacity indicators, so this device NEVER runs out of staple pins on you. This indicator light notifies you when it needs to be refilled, so you don’t have to go through the tiring mental work of keeping track or constantly wasting time checking for how many pins are still left.

On top of that, the best electric stapler for office use should come with a push button to pop out the staple storage for convenient, time-saving refilling. Some models come with extra space to keep some staple pins for emergencies. You should look out for similar features geared toward making your life easier.


Most electric models are durable and would serve your purpose for many years. However, it might be short-lived if your colleague would be using it as well as children. Thus, I often recommend shelling out more for an extra-durable model to handle the rigors of daily use around clumsy children and adults. 

Equally important, the stapler should feature a SHOCK-PROOF design to protect the device when accidentally dropped or poorly handled by others. Most models are made of plastic to cut down the weight of the automatic fastener. However, you should stick with ones made out of commercial-grade, heavy-duty plastic. Else, you might have to keep purchasing a new electric stapler now and then.

Battery Powered vs. Corded

Electric staplers are available in different types based on the power source. Some models are optimized to run on battery and electricity, providing users with the best of both worlds. But in most cases, these devices would feature a single power option, i.e., batteries or an A.C. adaptor.

Hence, choosing a stapler with a power source that caters to your office or home needs is crucial. An easy way to determine the kind of power source to choose hinges on where and how you intend to use a stapler.

If you want something you can move around from one office to another or share among colleagues, then the cordless version is a perfect choice. They are fettered to an outlet and are easier to carry without the clutter-prone power cord.

There’s no point in opting for a battery-powered model when the device will be used sedentary. On the other hand, a corded model can be what you need if you plan on leaving the stapler on the table for everyone to use on that spot. More so, you want to ensure the cord is long enough so you don’t have to make any significant changes to use this device.


Electric staplers come with different speed options, which offers users more flexibility. The speed measures the number of staples a machine can fire in a minute. It determines how fast a stapling machine can accurately get a job done.

In most cases, you won’t need high stapling speed. However, having the options means you can constantly adjust the stapler’s performance to your needs to save time.

Standard Staples Vs. Cartridges

Some stapling devices utilize the standard staples, either full or mini strip; others work with staple cartridges. It’s common to see high-end electric models use the special staple cartridge; it comes with up to 5000 staples pins instead of the 200 options you get with the full-strip standard staples.

The standard option can be great for a small office with less paperwork to put together. However, I recommend the models with cartridges for businesses with lots of paperwork to organize and can’t avoid wasting time reloading staple pins.

Remember that the cartridges can be challenging to come by in your local store. Thus, your only option might be to order one online, which could be time-wasting if you need it immediately.


There’s a handheld and tabletop version of an electric stapler. It comes down to personal needs and preferences. The handheld model offers more freedom. However, it’s crucial you choose a model designed for comfortable handling. You will likely be holding it for a couple of minutes. So, the handheld electric stapler should fit comfortably in your hands to ensure you don’t deal with wrist or hand fatigue shortly after handling it.

For tabletop versions, it’s essential to consider the size before purchasing. If it’s too big, it might be a problem for you, and you might have to create plenty of space for it.

Quietest Electric Stapler Reviews

1. MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII Heavy Duty Electric Flat Clinch Stapler – Powerful, Noiseless

Coming from one of the leading international manufacturers, the MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII packs several PREMIUM features like its low-noise electric motor, easy snap-in cartridge, and LED Status’ Lamp” indicator – just to mention a few.


If you are not tight on budget, you should buy this heavy-duty electric model to end all your stapling frustration. What a lifesaver!

Why We Picked It

Let’s start with the most interesting part of this device – its HEAVY-DUTY electric motor. It comes with the exact noiseless motor-driven mechanism featured on its predecessor, EH-70F. It has been trial and tested for outstanding stapling performance without making a noise.

This is me, not even trying to hype this device. Thousands of customers are pleased with both models’ quiet performance – the old and latest machines. You can use MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII anywhere without worrying about disturbing your colleague or household members.

Another thing this quiet heavy-duty electric stapler shares with its predecessor is its selectable auto-manual stapling, which allows you to switch from automatic operation to manual. While there will hardly be any need to use the manual mode, it’s great that you have that option should you run out of juice unexpectedly.

This product is arguably the best electric stapler for office use. It packs more than enough power to staple EFFORTLESSLY up to 70 sheets at a go. This is something even heavy-duty manual staplers will struggle to do.

That’s not all;

This quiet heavy-duty electric stapler is built with high-quality plastic and rust-resistant metal to ensure it stands up to the rigors of daily use. This one-of-a-kind stapler comes in a sleek, modern design to add exciting visuals to your office space without being awkward to use.

Still, on its design, the MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII comes with a clear case, so users don’t have to guess the stapling position. You can easily see where the staple pin will be powered through and make swift adjustments if necessary.

Also, the stapling machine features Adjustable Throat Depths and a paper guide to choose how far or close to the edge you want to fasten. Also, it supports 45-degree corner-stapling. This way, you can’t make the mistake of pinning some text, which might spell a lot of trouble.

Who It’s For

The MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII is the most POWERFUL stapler on this list and a good buy for business owners looking to fasten several documents at once with NO frustration. This model is JAM-FREE and operates quietly. Plus, it has several handy features like the metal frame finger guard for EXTRA protection, four-point rubber grips for a wobbly-free stapling experience, and an LED indicator to inform users when they are running low on staples.

Keep in Mind

This model is my favorite and one of the TOP recommended staplers today. However, it comes with a salty price tag, which might put this device out of reach for buyers looking for a budget option. Also, it utilizes a 5,000 staple cartridge which offers plenty of staples. Still, once it’s finished, it can be hard to come by unless you order from the manufacturer or seek other alternatives.

2. EcoElectronix EX-25 Quiet Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

EcoElectronix EX-25 is highly sought-after for its unparalleled reliability, intuitive design, and jam-free performance. The best part is it comes with a price tag of about a quarter of the MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII.


This is a STEAL!

Why We Picked It

Straight out of the box, I loved the EcoElectronix EX-25 Automat Stapler’s all-black, sleek design. It feels premium and comfortable to handle and adds a touch of class and style to my office desk.


Judging from its build quality and reviews from thousands of users, this is a buy-once-for-life quiet electric stapler. You won’t be needing a replacement anytime soon. Besides, the company offers a decent warranty and replacement policy, despite its low price point.

The EcoElectronix EX-25 Automat Stapler is battery-powered with 6 A.A. batteries which are not included but come with an A.C. power adapter to offer users the best of both worlds. You can easily use an outlet in your office and rely on the batteries to staple some documents while in your car. 


One of the best things this affordable device boasts is its jam-free stapling experience to eliminate wasting time dealing with mangled staples. Also, it has a Push/Pull handle to allow users quickly reload the staple pins.

Talking of pins;


It has a staple capacity of 210 staple pins, which is more than enough to get a lot of stapling done before needing to reload. Besides, it’s a PAIN-FREE process, thanks to its quick reloading mechanism.

On top of that;

This quiet automatic stapler offers an adjustable depth from up to 1-¼ inches, which makes it easier to control where the staples go on your document to avoid pinning essential information.

Compared to the premium MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII, this model is just as quiet and offers a trouble-free stapling experience. Both look gorgeous and futuristic. However, this model staples up to 30 sheets, and the staple capacity is too small.

Who It’s For

The EcoElectronix EX-25 Automat Stapler offers a decent HANDS-FREE stapling performance enough to handle 25 – 30 sheets of paper at once.

So, if you rarely need to fasten more than 30 sheets, then I recommend purchasing this device. Also, if you wish to purchase the MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII but can’t afford its high price, this model is for you. You won’t be missing out on much.

Keep in Mind

The electric stapler is only good enough for stapling less than 30 sheets of paper. It’s really not a deal breaker if you don’t handle much paperwork. But if you do, I suggest paying the price for the MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII – buy once, cry once!

3. BOSTITCH Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack – Double Heavy Duty

Boasting three times stapling speed at an affordable price point, the BOSTITCH Impulse 45 is undoubtedly the best quiet electric stapler for money.


This model packs a lot of value you would expect only in a high-end model without the exorbitant price. Before you become a doubting Thomas, this product is from BOSTITCH, a top manufacturer in the industry.

Why We Picked It

The BOSTITCH Impulse 45 is equipped with Bostitch Impulse Drive Technology to improve its fastening speed. It’s one of the FASTEST staplers on the market. It doesn’t waste time retracting like most options; users can remove your stacked sheet immediately after it’s fastened.


Unlike EcoElectronix EX-25, this quiet stapling machine can handle more sheets of paper. With the 3/8-inch strips, I’d no issue fastening 40 -45 sheets, but the B8 PowerCrown staples couldn’t hold that much. I’d succeed with 20 sheets of paper instead.

Don’t forget its low price point;

This unit has a Refill Alert Light like the MAX USA CORP. EH-70 FII to notify users when the staples are running low and need a reload. Talking of reloading, this device is integrated with an EASY PUSH-BUTTON RELOADING to pop out the magazine and add a new cartridge.

Yes! This affordable option uses cartridge staples, offering 5000 pins which are more than enough for many days of stapling for you to reload. It’s a smart option to SAVE TIME and allow you to focus on the task and spend less time reloading staples.

Its fast stapling performance was a bit concerning for me because I expected it to run into issues under stress. To my surprise, BOSTITCH had done a great job with their NO JAM TECHNOLOGY to ensure no one had to deal with mangled or jammed staples.

Plus, it has rubber suction feet for easy mounting on your office desk and stability for a FOOL-PROOF stapling experience.

Who It’s For

The BOSTITCH Impulse is your best bet if you are looking for a FAST stapler without breaking the bank. It is designed to staple 20 – 45 sheets without a jammed staple. It has several fancy features that come in handy, like its refill alert light to NEVER run out of staples suddenly and its push-button FastLoad magazine to SAVE time, which offers more VALUE for money. Also, it sports a durable construction that guarantees lasting for many years.

Keep in Mind

I would have preferred this model over the EcoElectronix EX-25 since they are both in the same price range. Sadly, the BOSTITCH Impulse does not come with a battery option. Hence, users are restricted to a power outlet.

Although the cord is reasonably long, its freedom remains questionable. Another downside to this excellent product is its non-adjustable staple depth.

4. Swingline Electric Stapler, Compact, Full Strip, 20 Sheet Capacity

Coming with a generous two years manufacturer’s warranty, Swingline Electric Stapler Is built to last long and endure any rigor of daily use.


When it comes even cheaper than other affordable options reviewed on this list, it isn’t lacking any essential features, from an indicator light to tell you when you are running low on staples to fast stapling performance.

Why We Picked It

There’s a lot to say about this arguably CHEAPEST electric stapler on the market, but I will start with its power options. This model offers users the best of both worlds. You can either power this device using 6 A.A. batteries or plug it into an electric outlet close to your desk. Hence, you can enjoy the freedom, convenience, and unlimited stapling experience.

Without a doubt, the Swingline Electric Stapler is my top choice for portable and business travel use. Since it can run on batteries, the manufacturer designed this automated stapling machine to be mobile enough for the on-the-go stapling experience. It is made out of plastic but durable to eliminate any worries about its longevity, regardless of how clumsy your colleagues are.

Like most affordable options I have reviewed here, this Model can fasten 20 sheets of paper with the full strip of staples. Lest I forget, it comes in two options – a full strip and a half strip. Nonetheless, the manufacturer recommends using the Swingline S.F. 4 staples for the best result.

Any stand-out feature?

Unlike the BOSTITCH Impulse, this cheap yet efficient stapler is equipped with an adjustable paper depth guide to eliminate any guesswork and know exactly where the pin will go through on your paper. This feature will save you from delipidating your paperwork.

Equally important, it’s backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty, showing a high confidence level in this product. Plus, it shows the manufacturer did not cut many corners to create a cheap product that rivals most high-end options.

Who It’s For

Need a cheap electric stapler for portable use? Look no further than the Swingline Electric Stapler. It’s compact enough to fit anywhere without taking up much space. It’s quiet and easy to use to avoid causing a distraction. It comes with two power sources so you can use it anywhere.

Also, with more than 2,500-ohm batteries, you can staple your enormous piles of paper more than 200 times with NO delay.

Keep in Mind

While this product was touted to fasten up to 20 sheets, it struggles to do so with thick sheets. It seems the manufacturer measures its stapling size using thin paper sheets. Also, as the batteries drain, so does its stapling performance.

You get the best performance when you install new batteries. Also, the low-staple alert is not reliable. But for its cheap price point, these are understandable drawbacks.

5. PraxxisPro Powerhouse Electric Automatic Quietest Stapler

This product is made out of metals only and is designed to serve you for a lifetime without jamming. This product is heavy, sturdy, and rugged, and it won’t break down even in the busiest office. This office equipment comes in white and gray to add a bold statement to your office desk.


Why We Picked It

The most striking feature of the PraxxisPro Powerhouse Electric Automatic Quietest Stapler is its sturdy build quality. It offers exceptional performance to staple up to 40 sheets without mangling or ruining your papers. This model is not designed for occasional or once-in-a-blue moon use.


This is one of the products you can use without looking, thanks to its adjustable 5-position paper guide. Users can know exactly where the staple pins will go through to avoid going too far or close to the paper’s edge.

Equipped with one of the STRONGEST motors, this device delivers mighty stapling power that would require a heavy-duty staple remover to get the staple pinout. No luck trying with your fingers. Thankfully, this stapling machine comes with one to allow you to remove the pin neatly and effortlessly without hurting yourself.


Not only that, the PraxxisPro Powerhouse comes with a box of 5,000 Premium PraxxisPro staples to reduce the time wasted on replacing staple pins.

Flexing its incredible performance, this model comes with a UNIQUE flat-clinch stapling design to keep the pin flush with paper resulting in a more reliable and stronger hold with NO gaping space. To offer more value for money, this desk stapler offers a DUAL function, i.e., you can use it manually or connect to an electric outlet. Regardless of your choice, this device will never fail you.

Who It’s For

If you want a stapler that works non-stop at your office, you can’t go wrong purchasing this best heavy-duty electric stapler from PraxxisPro.

The PraxxisPro Powerhouse has a reliable sensor for quick, powerful stapling and a manual mode to continue your task during epileptic power supply. It has the STURDIEST build construction on this list and can take a beating.

Keep in Mind

This product rivals our top choice on many fronts. However, it makes a buzzing noise during use. It’s not noisy, but it’s as quiet as other options on this list.

Also, the sensor seems to be located toward the machine’s right, which users are much more likely to miss. So using this device requires you to deliberately place the sheets towards the right of the stapling machine to trigger it.

Most Quiet Electric Stapler Comparisons

 MAX USA CORP. EH-70FIIEcoElectronix EX-25BOSTITCH ImpulseSwingline Electric StaplerPraxxisPro Powerhouse
MaterialPlastic, MetalAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyrenePlastic, MetalPlasticMetal
Power OptionsElectricElectric & BatteryElectricElectric & BatteryElectric
Mode(s) of OperationAutomatic & ManualAutomaticAutomaticSemi-automaticAutomatic
Number of Sheets7030452040
Numbers of Fasteners500021050002105000
Warranty_Lifetime_2 yearsLifetime
Noise level********

How To Use An Electric Stapler?

Electric staplers are known for their conveniences, and using them is fool-proof.

  • Before using this device, it’s best to keep the trigger switch locked.
  • Next, plug it into an outlet or add 6 A.A. batteries, if it’s a battery-powered model
  • Hold the stapling machine firmly against your enormous pile of work
  • Unlock and depress the trigger for a firing action
  • To power the staples a bit further, press the handle with your palm and squeeze the trigger

However, most models are equipped with sensors and ONLY require you to push the pile of paper through the slot and watch the device do the rest. It’s more convenient and reliable.

How To Load An Electric Stapler?

Loading an electric stapler is quite different from the standard option. These newer models hold more staplers and are designed to work with cartridges to offer more staples for an uninterrupted stapling experience.

It’s also easy to refill, and here is a step-by-step guide on how to load an electric stapler:

Step 1 – Unplug the device from the electric outlet

Step 2 – use a screwdriver, if needed, to unscrew the textured screw on the stapler’s back. The screw is used to hold the staple housing lid connected to the handle of the stapling machine. So, don’t expect it to come out completely.

Step 3 – lift the lid and set it on the side.

Step 4 – pull the spring-loaded sliding square shaft to place the brand’s staple cartridge.

Step 5 – release the shaft, then replace and screw the top lid.

There’s no easy way to answer this. Some manufacturers based their recommended number of sheets on thick papers. So, it might be possible for you to staple more thin papers than the nominal limit.

However, it’s not safe to go past the manufacturer’s suggested limit. A couple of documents past might be OK. Otherwise, your electric stapling device might get jammed or damaged and ruin your document. 

How do I know what size of electric staples to use?

Knowing the right size of the electric staple to use comes down to what you need one for. If you want a stapling machine you can fit into your bag and use even in your car; then a small-sized, portable electric stapler is your best bet. But for a large volume of school or office work, you need a tabletop electric stapler.

Also, you might want to stick with corded models to avoid the extra cost of purchasing 6 A.A. batteries.

How many sheets can an electric stapler staple?

Most electric staplers can power through 20 sheets with ease. However, more powerful options like MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII have a robust motor and gear mechanism to handle up to 70 sheets.

Keep in mind that not all models will staple enormous piles of papers. If that’s what you want, you should consider heavy-duty electric staplers.

How long do electric staplers last?

Many factors come into play, so there’s no easy way to know how long an electric stapler would last. Some models last only a few days, others a lifetime. But the thing is, you can have an idea of how durable the stapling machine is before ever purchasing it.

The manufacturer’s warranty provides you with a realistic period of use. So it’s wise to put your money on models with more extended warranty periods just in case it breaks down a couple of days after purchase.


Any stapler can fasten a couple of sheets together. But if you want to avoid a sore wrist and hand, waste time reloading pins, or deal with jammed staplers, check out the best quiet electric staplers reviewed in this post.

Before putting your money on any of these devices, ensure you carefully read through our buying guide to ensure you are making an informed decision.

However, here’s a quick guide:

If you are low on budget, you should consider the Swingline Electric Stapler. It retails at a lower price without cutting many corners.

For premium functions and handy features, shell out more for the MAX USA CORP. EH-70FII. It’s the most powerful stapler out there and can punch through enormous piles without jamming or mangling. 

Notwithstanding, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the products on this list. They will make your job easier and fun.

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