According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 1 in every 13 Americans struggles with this long-term asthma disease. This means approximately 20 million adults in the United States age 18 and older must take medication seriously to combat this life-threatening situation.

However, an article published in 2020 showed that people dealing with respiratory conditions, one of the leading causes of death in the USA, found nebulizer therapy more effective for:

  • Relieving respiratory illness symptoms
  • maximizing quality of life, and
  • avoiding costly hospital bills than inhalers.

Sadly, some of these nebulizers are noisy and rob patients of the convenience and privacy of this treatment. Plus, it can be a pain to use these godsend devices, especially if you live with a partner who is extremely sensitive to noise.

Here’s the good news:

There are silent models on the market, and you don’t have to know how to look for them. Luckily, I’ve done that part, which required testing more than a dozen products and reviewing hundreds of customers’ reviews. I expertly handpicked the top 6 best quiet nebulizers for a DISCREET nebulizer therapy.

Here’s a Summary of the 4 Best Quiet Nebulizer

Aura Portable Nebulizer 一 comes with the LATEST Vibrating Mesh Technology to atomize your medication and deliver fine mist to your lungs with ZERO noise. It’s one of the QUIETEST nebulization machines delivering super powerful doses to relieve respiratory illness symptoms. Plus, it’s backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty for a WORRY-FREE purchase.

Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer 一 is portable and compact to use anywhere, indoors or outdoors. This AFFORDABLE machine leaves no residue, which means NO medicine wasted. And it has a low-noise operation for UTMOST privacy during treatment.

May luck Portable Nebulizer 一is the MOST effective machine for nebulization therapy on this list. It’s equipped with a POWERFUL compressor to deliver consistent aerosolized medicine for INSTANT relief. It features a handheld design that allows patients to use it anywhere, home or office. Plus, it’s a quiet nebulizer machine for kids.

TANGXIA Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler 一 is a CLOG-FREE breathing machine perfect for delivering medication on time. It’s portable and EASIEST to operate. Featuring an auto shutoff function, this device is safe to use around kids and well protected. It produces thin and thick aerosolized medication for kids and adults, respectively.

What Does A Nebulizer Machine Do?

A nebulizer is a device that turns prescribed liquid medicine into a fine mist for respiratory illness patients to inhale through a mouthpiece or face mask. This method delivers the medicines quickly and directly to the lungs for immediate relief.

quietest nebulizer

This equipment has four main parts:

  • A small plastic chamber
  • A compressor
  • Air tube
  • Mouthpiece or facemask

The chamber holds the prescribed liquid medicine and becomes a mist as air is forced through it by the compressor. The fine mist is slowly breathed in via the conduit using the mouthpiece or facemask.

Why Is My Nebulizer So Loud?

There are different types of nebulizers, but the goal is the same – changing liquid medicine to inhalable gas form. The compressor-based models use piston-style motors to create compressed air forced into the chamber to produce a fine mist. The noise you hear results from compressed air traveling into the chamber.

Finding a compressor nebulizer as silent as its alternatives can be challenging.


As mentioned earlier, this lifesaver is available in different types depending on the method employed to get the medication from liquid to easy-to-inhale gas form.

Basically, there are three types:

Jet or Compressor Nebulizers

The jet nebulizers require a power source to generate enough pressurized air to draw the liquid medication from the chamber via a thin conduit, which creates an aerosol. This gas form contains both small and large particles. The latter falls back into the chamber while the smaller particles are easily inhaled through the mouthpiece or facemask.

Compressor Nebulizers

Because of their reliance on a power source, jet nebulizers are usually used at home. However, newer models are more innovative. They come with portable batteries or easily power them using your car’s charging port.

Whether you are going for a portable or cumbersome home-style jet nebulizer, they are compatible with any type of liquid medication.

On the downside,

These portable jet nebulizers are more expensive than home-styled models. But considering their portability, it might be worth the extra cash for you. Also, people with cognitive and physical impairments might struggle to assemble this device and need help.

Lastly, it produces inconsistent aerosol, one of its most significant drawbacks.

Mesh Nebulizer

This type of nebulizer is equipped with a vibrating element to push the liquid medication through an aperture plate or mesh, which creates countless aerosolized droplets to be inhaled with deep breaths.


Compared to other types, this mesh nebulizer offers a better delivery and reaches deeper into the patient’s lungs for efficient nebulized therapy. Plus, it generates a more consistent aerosol with improved efficiency.

Furthermore, they are one of the EASIEST to use, thanks to their portable and lightweight design. Hence, they are typically used by seniors and children.

However, they come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, making them suitable for one-the-go nebulized therapy. Sadly, this type is relatively more expensive and challenging to clean.

Talking of its drawback;

Mesh nebulizers are not ideal for delivering suspensions since they are viscous and likely to clog the aperture plate.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The name gives it away. This kind of nebulizing device utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to create tiny aerosol droplets to be easily inhaled via the mouthpiece or face mask. Because the mist comprises very thin droplets, this model offers better reach into the lungs.


And, since it depends on high-frequency vibration instead of compressed air, it’s often the go-to for an ultra-quiet nebulizer to control symptoms of respiratory conditions.

Any concern with this type?

Like the mesh type, this unit is unsuitable for all medications. It won’t work with viscous medications or suspension. Also, the ultrasonic model’s reservoir can get hot, so you cannot use this device to deliver heat-sensitive materials like suspensions and proteins.

Worth mentioning;

This kind of nebulizer creates, on average, larger aerosol droplets. The issue with this is a significant portion is left behind in the chamber to waste since they cannot be nebulized.

Mesh Nebulizer Vs Jet Nebulizer

The answer simply boils down to the respiratory illness patient’s circumstances, including their needs and wants. However, a clinical study from Georgia State University proves that the mesh model:

  • allows users to enjoy quicker relief from symptoms,
  • boost the nebulized therapy efficiency, and
  • maximize the drug with LITTLE waste compared to other types.

So, combining its SUPER-FAST treatment time and ULTRA lightweight design, this model is often recommended for school-aged children since they are not likely to take their health condition seriously.

In the same sense, adults needing regular nebulized therapy can opt for a portable nebulizer for on-the-go and discreet treatment.

On the contrary, seniors being taken care of at home are better off with Jet nebulizers. They are better for delivering a wide range of drugs, including suspensions. Also, if you are on a budget, you might want to stick with the jet model because of their cheap price point.

Can Nebulizers Work With Most Medicines?

Nebulizers are great for delivering aerosol treatment with various nebulized pharmaceutical drugs. They come in handy for providing instant relief and controlling respiratory illness symptoms.

This equipment, especially the compressed type, works with a corticosteroid to combat inflammation and bronchodilators to free up the airways. Note that ultrasound and mesh nebulizers are incompatible with heat-sensitive medicine and suspension.

Factors To Choose The Best Quiet Nebulizer

Choosing the right nebulizer hinges on the symptoms or nature of your ailment. However, other essential aspects must be considered to ensure you make the right call.

Medication Delivery System

Nebulizers are not created the same. The mechanisms employed to deliver the drugs are different. Hence, it’s paramount that you understand how they differ from one another and what it means for you.

The most typical option is the atomizer with a compressor-based medication delivery system. This old model uses forced air to create aerosol out of your medication. It’s relatively cheaper than the others except for its portable version, which might require you to break the bank.

Medication Delivery System

Another thing with the jet models is they are usually bulkier and ideal for use at home since they need to be plugged into a power source. Lithium-ion batteries or car charging ports power newer compressor nebulizers.

Its biggest advantage is its compatibility with nearly ALL drugs; you don’t have to worry or double-check before purchasing this machine. Sadly, you have to bear the noise from the compressed moving air.

You should consider the ultrasonic nebulizing machine if you hate noise and need a super quiet nebulizer. It uses high-frequency waves to create fine, breathable mist instead of pressurized air.

There’s a BUT;

The reservoir tends to get hot while using it, which makes it a poor choice for delivering heat-sensitive medication and suspension.

Taking its better delivery efficiency and deeper reach into the lungs into consideration, the ultrasonic nebulizing machine offers the most to children and busy adults looking for a quick and discreet breathing treatment.

But unlike the ultrasonic mechanism prone to wasting medicine, the vibrating mesh device is more efficient and offers consistent aerosol. Also, it’s not compatible with all medicine; you might want to check before putting your money on this device.

Noise Level

This is a more subjective factor. If you hate to draw a lot of attention to yourself while trying to administer your drugs, then the noise level of the nebulizer shouldn’t be ignored.

Also, you might want to keep that in mind if you are trying to purchase a machine you can use at night or with your child. Models with large compressors will make annoying noises that might irritate everyone.

So for convenience and privacy, you might want to stick with ultrasound and mesh nebulizers. They are portable, light, and quiet to use.

Ease of use

The nebulizing machine is available in two size options – adult and pediatric sizes.

The pediatric models are designed to deliver mediation quickly and more efficiently. It comes in fun and exciting shapes and patterns. Well, it’s expected, considering it’s made for children. Its overall idea is to keep a kid-friendly appearance and performance.

I also loved the fact that you have this tool in your kid’s favorite color and animal. Hence, you would have to spend a lot of time getting them to use this device.

On the other hand;

Adult versions rock a standard appearance with no fancy designs or patterns. They can be noisier than the pediatric models, designed to allow your kids to enjoy breathing therapy without the noise irritating them.

Obviously, you should consider the pediatric nebulizing machine for kids and the adult models for mature individuals.

Portable Or Tabletop Design

Another important consideration when it comes to nebulizing machines is convenience. Respiratory illness requires constant treatment, and it’s essential that you figure out the best way to approach this situation.

Most jet models are not easy to carry around (they were never designed for that anyway) and are best placed and used from a desk at home or office. This is not a deal breaker if you only intend to use this device from home or in an office. In that case, you are better off purchasing a compressor-based nebulizing device.

But if you prefer to have your device at all times for on-the-go therapy, you can’t go wrong with portable, handheld options. It’s a perfect choice for individuals with severe asthma who need instant medication in case of an episode.

Speed Of Delivering Medicine

To ensure you make the right choice, you need to look out for the machine’s efficiency and speed in delivering the medicine. This is crucial and can be a matter of life and death during an asthma attack.

The capacity of the machine to deliver your medication is usually measured in liters per minute, L/min. So, I suggest going for a higher value, which is equivalent to quicker and more efficient medication delivery.

Nonetheless, the ideal range is between 4 – 8 L/min.

Quiet Nebulizer Reviews

1. Aura Portable Nebulizer

With its user-friendly design, long-lasting battery, and cutting-edge Vibrating Mesh Technology, the Aura Portable Nebulizer is one of the MOST recommended devices for nebulization therapy. This is a PREMIUM option designed to deliver impressive consistent, and swift treatment anywhere.


Why We Picked It

The Aura Portable Nebulizer is a pocket-friendly device designed for respiratory illness patients to have their medication with them for breathing freedom anywhere, anytime.

Aside from its compact, pocket-fit design, it’s virtually silent to use. Thus, patients can easily administer their nebulizing drug in public spaces without drawing any unnecessary attention.


This quiet nebulizer machine is equipped with Vibrating Mesh Technology to deliver aerosolized drugs of less than 2 microns to patients to inhale and reach the bronchi and bronchioles. Thus, they can experience quick relief from asthma symptoms and a better breathing experience.

During flu season, the Aura Portable Nebulizer is one nebulizing machine you want to have in your arsenal because of its SUPER-FAST treatment. While it’s a common issue for this type of model to struggle to deliver all of your medication, this product defiles the norms – near ZERO wastage.

Despite its small size, this silent nebulizer did not disappoint as the doses are delivered within 5 minutes and are super powerful for instant relief.

In the box, the product comes with an adult-size and children-size face mask to stretch its value for money. This is a thoughtful idea as it offers more value for money since you don’t have to purchase a separate device for your kids.

Who It’s For

This FDA-Approved nebulizing machine is an excellent choice for patients looking for a carry-on option for quick relief and treatment.

It’s pocket-friendly and quiet enough for a discrete nebulization therapy. Also, it can be a decent choice if you are on a budget and need a machine that works for you and your kid.

Keep in Mind

The Aura Portable Nebulizer is expensive and might not be compatible with your medication. While its medication delivery speed is IMPRESSIVE, it sometimes does not deliver the entire medicine, which results in minute drug waste. Hence, I suggest you ask your physician before making the purchase.

2. Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer

The Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer competes with the Aura Portable Nebulizer on several fronts, from portability to quiet operation. It also comes with two face masks – an adult-size and children-size option.


However, it’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, which makes it a WORRY-FREE purchase – do you not like it? Return it!

Why We Picked It

This pocket-sized nebulizing machine works without an air compressor. Instead, it relies on ADVANCED vibrating mesh technology to make easy-to-inhale fine mist from the liquid medication. It has a TERRIFIC reach to deliver the medication deep into the patient’s lungs for QUICK relief.


By now, you should have figured out that vibrating mesh models are nearly noiseless, and this device is no exception. The noise level while delivering the medication was less than 25dB which is barely loud enough to cause a distraction to someone sitting next to you.

The best part about its low-noise operation is that it makes your job of administering nebulizing drugs to children a breeze. Loud noise makes children anxious and unsettled, causing them to be petulant.

Thanks to its tubing-free design, this ultra-quiet nebulizer is SUPER easy to use. All you have to do is fill it up with the prescribed medication and push the button for a consistent aerosolized drug.

Hence, the Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer is perfect for all ages. Its 30-day money-back guarantee shows the manufacturer’s high confidence in this device.

Who It’s For

If you are constantly on the road or love easy access to your nebulized drug, this device is a great choice. In fact, you can’t go wrong purchasing Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer or the Aura Portable Nebulizer.


It’s ideal for people with asthma, congestion, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. Plus, it comes at almost HALF the price of Aura Portable Nebulizer without missing out on much.

Keep in Mind

Keeping the face mask secure on their face can be challenging to avoid wasting medicine, effort, and money. Above all, you will be putting the child at risk. This device is not the best option for kids less than five years.

Compared to Aura Portable Nebulizer, its drug delivery efficiency and speed fall behind slightly. Also, there tends to be more medication left behind which isn’t reusable.

3. Portable Nebulizer – Handheld Jet Nebulizer Machine

With a more traditional style, the May Luck Portable Nebulizer is equipped with a piston-style motor to deliver continuous aerosolized medication to the lungs.


However, it’s a handheld device instead of the old clunky space-taking version. This portable jet nebulizer is FEATURES-PACKED and offers several benefits, making it a worthy contender.

Why We Picked It

I’ve always preferred the jet nebulizer’s unbeatable medication delivery efficiency and speed. Still, they are typically cumbersome and have a sedentary style which has been a primary concern – not anymore!


The May Luck Portable Nebulizer is one of the MOST innovative and recommended devices on the market – why?

Its ULTRAFINE atomization creates particles less than 3μm to ensure the deepest part of your lungs is not deprived of the nebulizing medicine. By and large, it has the FARTHEST reach among the options on this list.

Unlike the mesh models, this silent nebulizer has a whopping 96% driving efficiency with NO temperature rise to cause the device to heat no matter how long you use it.

While it’s not pocket-friendly like the Aura Portable Nebulizer, it’s portable enough to fit your bag and use it on trips. It has several parts, including an air tube, making it easier to clean and disinfect this machine regularly.

Who It’s For

Not all nebulizers are compatible with all medications, making choosing the right one challenging. However, you don’t have to debate this issue with the May Luck Portable Nebulizer. It works perfectly with all medications and delivers them with unparalleled efficiency and speed.

quiet nebulizer machine for kids

May Luck Portable Nebulizer is compact enough to tag along in your backpack for a travel-friendly nebulization therapy. Plus, it’s my recommendation for family use. It has a mouthpiece, face masks for adults and children, and a more extensive reservoir. And, this device won’t fetter patients to home-use only.

Keep in Mind

Despite its numerous striking benefits, the May Luck Portable Nebulizer has its downside – its loud noise.

As a home nebulizer, this product is perfect and excellent. But for public use, it’s not the best.

Although portable, you might struggle to use this device discreetly in public areas. Besides, the noise level is around 65 dB, thrice the noise generated by the Aura Portable Nebulizer.

4. Nebulizer, Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler Portable Machine

This model is the LATEST option from one of the LEADING manufacturers of nebulizing machines, TANGXIA. This device is rugged and capable of handling the rigors of daily use. There’s much to love about this cordless model and only a few drawbacks that didn’t keep thousands of customers from rating it high.


Why We Picked It

What got me interested in this nebulizer machine is its cheap price tag for what it has to offer. Most products with similar features and performance are available at salty prices.

This model is portable and equipped with an adopted UPGRADED alloy membrane featuring up to 1700 laser-drilled holes for quick and efficient drug delivery. This product won’t fail when you need your treatment in time for better breath and relief from respiratory discomforts.


Like other options on this list, it’s equally great for all ages. However, it takes this versatility a bit further than others by offering two nebulizing modes tailored to the patient’s age. It has an Adult and Children Mode for different medicine delivery speeds and particle thickness to prevent kids from feeling uncomfortable or irritated.

Talking of options, TANGXIA Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler is available in both battery-powered and electric versions. The formal is excellent for on-the-road treatment, while the electric model is suitable for home nebulizing treatment. Plus, it comes with a long power cord to allow patients to use it from a distance while watching a movie or reading a book. 

Who It’s For

This machine is built with durability in mind to give users a good run for their money. It’s portable and easy to carry to ensure you get your treatment in time. However, I’d recommend the TANGXIA Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler for patients struggling with mild asthma symptoms and looking to combat an occasional stuffy nose during flu season.

Keep in Mind

Sadly, the inconsistency at which the aerosolized drugs are delivered can be a significant concern. The electric-powered option seems more reliable than the battery-powered version because of its flimsy battery case. Also, users might have to tilt their heads to use the device when the medication gets low.

 Aura Portable NebulizerPronebu Mesh Portable NebulizerMayluck Portable NebulizerTANGXIA Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler
TypeVibrating MeshVibrating MeshCompressorVibrating Mesh
Noise Level<25 dB<25 dB<65 dB<50 dB
Reservoir Capacity8 ml8 ml 8 ml
Particle size5 μm2-3 μm5μm
Delivery Efficiency 0.4 ml/min0.2ml/min0.2ml/min0.2ml/min

How to Use a Nebulizer for a Child

Let’s not sugarcoat this; children don’t like breathing through a mouthpiece or mask. No matter how much you tell them it’s for their good, they just won’t allow you to administer a nebulizer treatment.

Thanks to manufacturers’ creativity and technology, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of nebulizing your kid.

In this section, I’ll share a couple of tricks that make it easier to get your kids interested and engaged with the treatment:

Face masks can lead to wastefulness

Administering nebulization therapy for your child seems more convenient with a face mask than a mouthpiece. It’s easy to put on and won’t fall off. However, you must ensure the mask remains in contact with the kid’s face to avoid the saline solution or medication dispersing into your surroundings. This won’t be a waste of time, money, and effort alone; your kids’ health is at risk.

Make it fun

The latest pediatric models are designed with entertainment in mind. The working mechanism remains the same, relying on a face mask, tube, ampoules, etc.

However, these devices can come in your child’s favorite color or cartoon character to seem like a toy to your kids. Kids love to play, so play with them with their funny-looking nebulizing machine.

Sit in front of a mirror.

This is one trick mothers love to use to get their children to succumb and ease into the process. Administer the nebulization therapy while sitting in front of a mirror so your kids can see what’s going on, which prevents him from being too reactive and anxious.

Add music to the therapy

Bringing distraction to your kid’s nebulizing session can help keep his mind away from the face mask. Also, it might be helpful to help dampen the nebulizer’s noise. Sing out loud. Keep the atmosphere happy and peaceful while they receive the medication.

Book works as well

For many years, books have been an effective tool to usher kids to sleep. This method won’t fail you when trying to administer the nebulizer breathing treatment. Get him his stuffed superhero while you read and engage his curiosity.

Don’t be secretive.

As parents, we often want to perform this therapy while they are on the sly to escape their tantrums. However, it might be ineffective, considering children have shallow breaths when sleeping. This means the medication would have a short depth.

Is A Nebulizer Good For A Stuffy Nose?

It can be about that time of the year when you start noticing breathing difficulties, chest congestion or stifling. These are signs that you might require a nebulizer. This device works great for adults and kids to provide respiratory relief for many conditions.

During flu season, more pollen and allergens are released, which causes asthmatic rates and symptoms to spike. Flu and colds infect the lungs, which is one of the underlying causes of asthma attacks and symptoms.

With a nebulizer, you can effectively treat the flu and asthma. This machine delivers the medication in the form of aerosol for quick absorption and relief.

Nebulization therapy can thus help open up the airways to reduce inflammation and break up the congestion for better breathing performance.

How to clean a nebulizer machine?

Although modern models are much easier to use than older clucky machines, improper cleaning can result in wastage and ineffective treatment. To clean a nebulizer, disassemble the machine, which should be easy for you, and clean every part under warm water for about a minute.

I strongly recommend using sterile water. Once you are done, allow it to dry before assembling. It’s essential to clean your device after each daily use.

Can a CPAP machine be used as a nebulizer?

The CPAP machine raises the air pressure to prevent the airway from collapsing as the patient inhales. So, this equipment doubles nicely as a breathing device or nebulizing machine to deliver medication to relieve COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma symptoms.

What are the benefits of using a nebulizer?

There are several ways to administer the prescribed drug for bronchitis or asthma.

However, using a nebulizer offers a unique benefit. It deposits the nebulized drugs into your respiratory tract, which means a higher contention makes it to the pulmonary bed and bronchial tree than the systemic approach. Other benefits include fewer side effects, an ideal choice for adults and children, and relatively easy use.


If you are dealing with a respiratory illness, a nebulizing machine can be a NECESSITY. Most options out there are excellent choices if you are merely looking to atomize your prescribed drugs for quick relief.

Sadly, they can be noisy, which makes them difficult to use in public spaces or when trying to be discreet about your business. I’ve reviewed the four best quiet nebulizer machines to enjoy your privacy and convenience.

In terms of portability, Aura Portable Nebulizer is a clear winner. In addition, it comes with several premium features, which explains why it’s one of the MOST recommended nebulizing machines by doctors. Suppose you don’t want to pay its hefty price for its top-notch features. In that case, I recommend purchasing the Pronebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer.

But if you are not looking for a pocket-friendly device, the May luck Portable Nebulizer is an excellent atomizer and doctor-recommended silent nebulizer for babies. It’s one product a whole family can rely on. Nonetheless, purchasing any of the models on this list cannot go wrong.

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