Finally, the LATEST space heaters are optimized to toast your space in less than 5 minutes!

“Sorry to interrupt; what’s that clicking noise? Can you tone it down so I can hear you please”

Quietest Space Heater

What an embarrassing way to start an important meeting with a new client!

I had no choice but to turn the annoying portable heater off, rush back to the zoom meeting, and close the deal in the cold.

This is my near-sad story and why I switched to a quiet space heater.

But with space heaters NOT created equal, choosing the right one can be tricky.

Luckily, I’ve written this post to be the ONLY guide you’ll ever need to shop right. But before I share my top 5 quietest space heaters, here is some important information to know:

In a Hurry? Here’s a Summary of the 3 Quietest Space Heater

De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater – is the most VERSATILE option, offering unbelievable value for money. Its TWO heating settings, wall-mount or freestanding design, and ground-breaking MicaThermic Technology. Its sun-like warmth covers up to 300 square feet of space and has no fans to create sleep-depriving NOISE.

Dr Infrared Heater – is a set-and-forget space heater. Its AUTO mode helps reduce power consumption and save more on utility bills. This model’s Dual Heating System offers incredible warmth for a whole family. It has the HIGHEST coverage, up to 1000 sq. ft., for such a small space heater.

Dreo Space Heater – is an EXTRA portable space heater. It has one of the world’s best Ceramic Heating technologies. It delivers warm haze covering a 200-square-foot bedroom or office. This mobile device features the right safety features like Overheating & Tip-Over Protection.

How Does a Space Heater Work?

 Space heaters are portable alternatives to the central heating system. The working principle behind these heating devices differs:

  • Conventional space heaters have heating plates generating heat distributed by convention or built-in fans.
  • Radiant models emit infrared radiation to heat bodies or objects. These gadgets won’t warm up the air.

Type of Space Heater

Ceramic space heater

 This type features a ceramic plate fitted to an electric metal coil. The plate transforms the absorbed electrical energy into massive heat.

Ceramic space heater

The top-selling point of ceramic models is their instant warm-up to escape the chill. Also, it features a safer design since its exterior casing stays cool to the touch.

But there’s a flaw.

Its heating performance is excellent for smaller areas. But, it tends to perform below par when moved into spacious rooms, except it has built-in fans.

Fan-forced space heaters

The fan space heaters share a lot of similarities with the ceramic model. But they differ in terms of the heating element.


This type generates the heat using a metal coil instead of a ceramic heating plate. The resulting heat spreads with an integrated fan to offset your drafty room. It’s cheaper and usually compact, making it an excellent choice for small apartments.

 Downsides? They tend to dry up the air and make the space difficult to breathe in.

Infrared space heater

An infrared space differs from the other types I’ve discussed so far. It’s powered by electricity and emits EM waves in one dimension for direct heating. This model won’t warm up the entire room but anything, including human bodies in its path.

 Oil-filled space heaters

 Most people refer to this device as a “radiator heater.” It relies on the diathermic oil to generate and transfer the heat to the fins. At this point, the heat offsets your drafty room by convection or fan-forced.

Oil filled space heaters

But the best thing about oil-filled heaters is their long-lasting warmth. This device comes with wheels for easy maneuvering.

Now, the bad part includes uncontrolled heat speed and its tendency to get the space too hot for your liking. Plus, the exterior casing gets hot and unsafe to touch.

Panel space heaters

These are the latest heaters with revolutionary technology and distinctive design. These space heaters use electric currents to heat the air and radiate off its flat surface. They are either installed on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Propane space heaters

The propane space heater is the way to go if you want to avoid using electric-powered heaters. It runs on liquid propane and delivers the hottest heat amount. Plus, you can save up to 20% if you fuel your heater with LP instead of connecting it to a power source.

Propane space heaters

But, the risk of fire and explosion can be scary for most homeowners. Plus, the cheap ones might emit carbon dioxide, CO2, which is bad for your health.

Why Do Space Heaters Make Noise?

 There are two reasons why a space heater might be making a noise, and it’s not for the wrong reasons. These devices consist of metal components expanding and contracting due to heat changes. This explains the cracking noise generated by these devices.

According to electronic experts, the noise source might be the relay switch. This component switches on and off to control the temperature. This causes the clicking noise.

But, the noise should be subtle and in the background. Anything apart from this might herald a faulty appliance. In this case, you should stop using the device immediately for safety reasons.

Which Type Of Heating Method Is Quietest For Room Heaters?

 Do you remember that heaters warm your space or body using one of the two methods? The infrared space heaters are WHISPER-QUIET and won’t affect your sleep quality.

But, models that rely on airflow come with built-in fans to distribute the heat, which means more noise. 

But before you run to an online store to shop for any radiant heaters labeled as “quiet,” you might want to hear this:

 Radiant heaters are the quietest space heaters, but they take longer for the warmth to hit you. Also, its heating is one-directional. The consequence? Everyone scrabbles in front of the device to enjoy its sun-like heat.

Best Quiet Space Heater Reviews

1. De’Longhi 1500W Quiet MicaThermic Panel Heater

 We understand that not everyone can afford to install a central HVAC heating system. Worse, coughing up more on space heaters to improve the expensive primary heater’s warmth.


 Luckily, the De’Longhi HMP1500 is a 60% cheaper option for you.

This model is our top choice for its generous 300 sq. ft. coverage, super-quiet Mica-thermic Technology, and 2-in-1 installation option.

How Does It Perform?

This model comes with breakthrough Mica-thermic Technology providing that consistent sun-like warmth. De’Longhi HMP1500 uses a 1500W heating element to heat the mica stones and emit EM waves. Thus, warming up everybody and objects in the room. As a result, there’s no need for a fan to help circulate the heat, which means ZERO noise and NO dry hard-breathing air.

De'Longhi 1500W after installation

This powerful appliance offers two heat settings – 750W and 1500W. With its adjustable thermostat, users can create the perfect warm in-house comfort. With more heat and temperature options, this device excels as a spot or secondary heater.

 What’s more?

 The De’Longhi HMP1500 is one of the few products perfect for anywhere, including a baby’s room. It has extensive coverage of up to 300 sq. ft., and its multi-dimensional heating style ensures everyone gets warm. This way, your kids or pets don’t have to get too close to this heat factory to enjoy the comforting warmth.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Electric Heater | Product Review By Road Gear Reviews

 Remember, you can mount this quietest small space heater on the wall for spot heating. Plus, it will make your home look more classy and stylish.

Keep in Mind

Not always, but this device hums at high temperatures. When this happens, I lower the temperature for a couple of minutes before cranking it up again. It works fine for me and some other customers.

If the problem persists, don’t worry; an EXCELLENT three-year manufacturer warranty protects you. This means you can call them to fix, repair, or compensate you for your troubles, which sweetens the deal.

2. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The Dr Infrared Heater comes with a durable box design, top-of-the-line Dual Heating technology, tons of safety features, and an IR remote control, which sums up to a silent FAMILY-PERFECT space heater.


Yes, you’ll be glad to have this POWERFUL body-heating device. This best-selling heater will provide your family with the perfect in-home warmth.

How Does It Perform?

This most sought-after space heater comes compact, and it’s deceiving. This product packs a lot of heat to warm up your early-morning cold feet and hands in less than 10 minutes.

Although the manufacturer claims it covers about 1000 sq. ft. coverage, I found it perfect for my 300 sq. ft. room and struggled whenever I moved it to a large 524 sq. ft. room.

But here’s where it stands out;

Dr Infrared Heater-after installation performance

This device is first-of-its-kind with its Advanced Dual Heating System. This revolutionary technology offers the best of resistive and radiant heaters. It uses Quartz Infrared and PTU materials to deliver 50% more heat than its competitors.

Furthermore, it comes with a powerful 7-inch blower delivering 50 degrees F breeze at 2.2 m/s air velocity. This is twice the speed of the regular model. Hence, it clears off the haze quicker than most products that come to mind.

Another thing I love about this product is how it heats the body and objects more than the ambient air. The blower moves large amounts of air slowly to help circulate the heat,

Plus, the slow-moving air makes no noise while retaining the moisture in the air. This helps prevent extreme dryness on your skin, which can be itchy. Even with a blower, this model runs silently. A couple of feet away, the noise sinks into the background sounds.

This model has three heat settings – Auto, Low 1000W & High 1500W. You can start saving on utility bills by controlling power consumption.

 And did I mention this already? This product comes at half the price of the De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater. Plus, it comes with a remote control, so you don’t ever have to stand up to lower the temperature.

Furthermore, this device has a Tip-Over Shut Off, Overheating Protection, etc., for safety. With a UL certification, this model checks all safety boxes.

Although the external casing can get a bit warm to the touch, there are no exposed hot components. So, your kids are safe around this device.

 Keep in Mind

It’s NOT a big deal, but this is the first appliance that requires me to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius to use. But memorizing your preferred temperatures in Celsius helps avoid this annoying math work.

3. Dreo 1500W Fast Heating Ceramic Electric Heater with Thermostat

The Dreo Space Heater was the clear winner when it came to portability. It’s only 16 inches tall and features a solid build quality to withstand the abuse of daily use. Besides, its beautiful, black, and bold aesthetics complement any small space décor.

Dreo 1500W-Fast Heating Ceramic Electric Heater

This compact device’s blast of warm breeze is terrific. It features a 70-degree oscillation function, smart ECO mode, and a touchscreen control panel. All these essential features come at a low price tag.

How Does It Perform?

This small device is perfect as a supplementary space heater. The heating device sports the manufacturer’s LATEST HeatLeap system. This leading technology relies on thermal-efficient PTC ceramic to deliver high heat.


 This quiet heater offers a wide temperature range between 41 to 95°F for customized warmth. Another exciting feature is the Smart ECO mode. It uses a built-in temperature sensor to adjust its power consumption between 900 – 1500W. Thus, it’s cheaper to run this device for an extended period.

Dreo 1500W Quiet Space Heater

This model stands out with its NEW 70-degree oscillation mode. This feature helps distribute the warm breeze over a 200 sq. ft. space, so no one in the room misses out. Also, there’s no wrong place to place this portable device to get the most out of its heat.

Dreoheater energy usages report

More importantly, it oscillates quietly along its arc to cut distraction. This gadget’s total noise is about 40 decibels and won’t interrupt your sleep.

 Wait, this is the best part . . .

The Dreo Space Heater has trendy touchscreen buttons for fool-proof use.

As if that’s not good enough for its low price point, this model comes with remote control. Users can set the timer, switch to the cool fan mode or change the heat mode without leaving the bed.

 Keep in Mind

This device has a portable design with low coverage making it suitable for small rooms. Hence, it’s not going to be helpful in large areas or serve as a spot full-room heater.

 Plus, it has a 24-hours ShutOff function that keeps turning the device off. You can’t run the appliance for several days at a stretch like the rugged DeLonghi HMP1500.

4. DeLonghi Oil Radiator Full Room Radiant Thermostat

De’Longhi is like the Samsung of the Tech industry. It’s a reputable brand respected for its innovative and world-class heaters line.

DeLonghi Oil Radiator-Full-Room Radiant Thermostat

And this DeLonghi Oil Radiator lives up to the hype. This model does everything and even better!

This device offers the LATEST ComfortTemp Technology, intuitive CoolTouch control, and a 3-year warranty.

 How Does It Perform?

This model is a top choice in many categories. It’s constructed using commercial-grade steel. Thus, the device is easier to clean than others and resistant to rust, bacteria, and germs.

De’Longhi Comfort Temp comes with a permanently-sealed diathermic oil reservoir for ZERO maintenance.


The affordable machine features a ground-breaking thermal slot design. There’s no need for a fan to distribute its high heat. Still, it warms the ambient air, which feels gentle and moist on the skin.

This conventional method helps create a more allergy-friendly breathing environment. Above all, it runs without fans, making it very quiet to use.

On top of that;

The manufacturer equipped this unit with the genius ComfortTemp technology. This New feature cuts your power consumption while maintaining your warm temperature level. It relies on the residual heat in the diathermic oil and fins to keep the warmth when the device is off.


This unit packs several built-in safety features for utmost protection. For instance, it has fully-enclosed heating elements to keep the kids and pets away from hot oil. The thermal cut-off function protects the device from overheating and exploding. Also, the edges are well-round to prevent injuries.

 Keep in Mind

Some customers complained of a weird smell that won’t disappear after several uses. Ramping it up to the highest setting in your garage for 48 hours solves this problem.

While running super quiet, it might make some irritating clicking sound as it cools.

5. TURBO Arcade HR1500 Electric Mica Space Heater Office Heating

Finding a quiet space heater for a large room with a high ceiling can be challenging. Unfortunately, few models are well-equipped for this task, like the TURBO Arcade HR1500.

TURBO Arcade HR1500 Electric Mica Space Heater

This powerful portable space heater has Advanced MicaThermic Heating Technology. Not only that, it has low-noise fans to distribute the heat for a warm hugging feeling.

How Does It Perform?

This currently-leading space heater is designed to warm your drafty room in a minute. It offers twice the heat as most space heaters on the market at NO extra cost. The Mica Composite delivers InfraRed warmth to increase your body’s core temperature. For conventional heat, the manufacturer added high-standard Silicon Crystal.

TURBO Arcade HR1500 is unlike regular models offering heat in one direction. Instead, this appliance blasts a solid warm breeze in all directions. There’s no need to place this device strategically. Several customers place it in the center of the room for the best result.


 With great power comes greater responsibility. This cliché explains why this beast has several home-safety features. This device has a Tip Over and Overeating Protection shutoff to prevent explosion or fire.


This quietest small space heater comes with two heat settings. Users can control their power consumption and, by extension, the cost of their utility bill. Additionally, it has an adjustable temperature knob to select your preferred temperature.

This appliance complements any room’s décor with a minimalistic design and sleek look. It’s portable, but the manufacturer still includes swivel wheels for easy transport.


The TURBO Arcade HR1500 only covers 160 square feet of space. This is about half of what the De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater warmly embraces. But this device punches out more heat than its weight, creating a perfect warm haze all winter.

 Keep in Mind

There is nothing to complain about except this device comes with NO handle. But I tend to grab it by the top or push it if it’s on a smooth floor. Also, the body can get pretty hot; you don’t want to use this device around pets or little kids.

Quietest Small Space Heater Comparisons

 De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel HeaterDr Infrared HeaterDreo Space HeaterDeLonghi Oil RadiatorTURBRO Arcade HR1500
Best ForVersatilityLarge RoomSmall spaceEnergy SavingBudget-Friendly
Noise Level (dB) 3937.5 3923
Heating MethodMicaThermicRadiantForced Air & ConvectionRadiant & InfraredMicathermic & Convention
Heating Settings750 – 1500W1000 – 1500W900 – 1500W700, 800, 1500W1000 – 1500W
Coverage (sq. ft.)3001000200 160
Warranty (years)33 31

How to Choose a Quiet Space Heater for Home and Office

 Heater Build Quality


Manufacturers make the exterior casing with a wide range of durable materials. But, metal casings expand and contract as the temperature changes, which generates noise. So, if you don’t want an embarrassing heater, stay away from the metal casing.

On the contrary, plastic casings do not experience thermal stress. Thus, they make up the best quiet space heater for offices and bedrooms.


If it’s not the casing at fault, I’ll poke my hands at the integrated fan. How much noise this component generates depends on its speed and size. At higher speeds, the airflow increases, causing more disturbance and loud noise. Also, the bigger the fan size, the louder the noise. Hence, a product with small fans is great for silent allies during winter.


Shoppers often mistake oscillating heaters for lousy products. Cheap models will likely make a loud noise because these manufacturers cut corners.

But there’s a benefit to it;

Oscillation helps speed up the heat distribution. But, it is NOT a deal breaker if a space heater lacks this function.

 Adjustable Thermostat

Every space heater will make a clicking noise from the thermostat when you turn it on and off. It’s not annoying or irritating; you will stop paying attention with time. You have to find a way to live with this noise.


Infrared or halogen heaters emit light radiation. The infrared red light heats the bodies or objects on its path. They are no good for warming up an entire room since it emits IR in one direction.

On the bright side, there’s NO need for a fan, which means utmost tranquility in the warm haze.

But what about the other two heating methods?

Resistive or fan-forced and oil-filled heaters rely on convection heating. This method of heating has a downside: whooshing noise from the fans.

Ceramic/resistive Heaters use PTC materials to convert electric energy to thermal energy. The process is called joule heating. Not as if you need to know this technical jargon anyway. The PTC resistors transfer this heat to the aluminum fins through conduction. The last stage involves blowing off the heat in the room.

 Are fans essential?

It depends. A fan is essential if you want heat efficiently distributed around a room. The downside is you might have to put up with the noise.

We are down to the last heating method – oil radiators. They share some exciting features with resistive heaters. Instead of PTC material, this type uses an oil reservoir submerging a heating element. The heated oil flows to the fan and to the casing, dissipating it to the room by convection or blown by a fan.

By convection, I mean that the heated surface of the radiator warms up the nearest cold air. The process continues until the entire space is no longer chilly. The natural convection cycle takes longer than fan-forced models. But it won’t stir up dust and dirt in the room.


Most models come with a 1500W heating element. But this doesn’t tell you how much heat the device can generate.

The household electric outlet is 12A, 120V, ideal for devices lower than 1800W. Using any higher power device for an extended period might lead to fire and explosion.

This explains why most space heaters, small or large, have the same 1500W heating element.

Furthermore, running a portable and large space heater for the same period will cost the same. But, don’t expect the same heat output, which hinges on the number and type of heating methods utilized.


Manufacturers are always in a hurry to tag their devices as “Quietest Space Heaters.” Don’t fall for cheap marketing. Instead, check the decibel rating of the device. Anything higher than 50 dB will be a nuisance anywhere it’ll be placed, office or home.

Another trick to choosing the quietest space heater is avoiding fan-forced appliances. The massive air movement contributes to the noise level. You can’t go wrong with an oil-filled radiator or an infrared heater for bedroom and office use. They are the favorites for silent operations.

Protection and Safety

This is the most ignored factor by shoppers. Portable space heaters get hot and unsafe to touch. So, consider a unit with a cool-to-the-touch exterior casing if you’ve kids.

Also, they can explode or start a fire. Hence, it would be best if you shop for space heaters with several safety features. On the lookout should be an AUTO shutdown function for utmost protection if tipped over. Also, check for Overheating Protection to protect the device and your property.

Alternatives Of Space Heater

In some ways, space heaters have revolutionized this industry. Still, other heating options can be your ally throughout this winter.

Electric Wall Heaters

These hulk-like devices are mounted on a wall and can push out two times the heat output of space heaters. But don’t expect twice the noise; why? These wall-mounted heaters rely on their radical build quality to dampen the noise.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

 If you second-guess a space heater, you might want the mini split AC. This option offers the best of both worlds — portable heaters and central HVAC systems.

If I don’t have to move a heater from one room to another, I’ll put my money into mini split air conditioners. They run quieter and knock out more heat than space heaters. Also, compared to space heaters, mini split AC has a better build quality for higher longevity.

Central HVAC systems

The central heating system is efficient in many ways, except for energy. Central HVAC system sucks up an unnecessary amount of power to heat several rooms and spaces no one is in. The sad result is expensive utility bills.

Central HVAC systems offer whole-housing heating. They are not portable, so they pack great power to warm up large spaces. So, there’s no need for people to clash in front of the one-dimensional radiant space heater.

Need the Best Quiet Space Heater For Office? Listen to These Experts’ Advice

Most manufacturers claim their products are suitable for both office and home use. This is far from the truth.

Most of them make a cacophony of noise, distracting and affecting your productivity. The suitable model should be able to put out enough warmth without making noise.

This means you don’t need those loud fans for distributing heat. Except you are looking to buy an appliance to warm up several workers in a room. If not, your best bet is an Infrared heater rated 1000W or lower. Besides, you’ll be saving up to 40% going that route.

The MOST Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Home Space Heater

Most models will come with a 1500W heating element, so don’t worry about those. Instead, focus on the PTC material, fan size, degree of oscillation, etc. Here are the SECRET tips, according to top electronic specialists:

For living rooms, fan-forced units can be ideal since there’s usually a lot of noise from TVs, the kitchen, etc. The bedroom and office need a silent heating device like a radiant space heater. Also, convention-based models with no fans can be a decent appliance for bedrooms and other serene areas.

But, most electronic specialists suggest avoiding fan-forced portable heaters for the bedroom. Their loud noise can upset your room’s quiet ambiance and affect your sleep quality.

Tips for using Space Heater

Space heaters are supplementary tools, providing extra warmth to make all the difference. They may seem like an angelic tool, but it’s not and can be dangerous if handled carelessly.

So, keep these three main tips in mind for your home’s safety:

  • Place the heaters strategically away from walls, furniture, wet items, and water.
  • Try not to use the space heater overnight.
  • Ensure the device comes with safety features and relevant certifications.

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity?

They might vary in size, but they are equipped with a 1500W heating element. This means these devices consume the same amount of electricity and cost the same to run. But, some products offer two heat settings.

For instance, DeLonghi MicaThermic Panel Heater offers 750W and 1000W. This proves effective for avoiding unnecessary power consumption.

Are space heaters energy efficient?

Technically speaking, almost all space heaters are energy efficient. They convert more than 90% of the electric energy into thermal energy.

So, when you hear a manufacturer screw 100% energy efficient, know it’s nothing special.

What size space heater do I need?

The trick is: every square foot of room space needs 10W of heating power. So, if you have a room with 110 square feet of floor area, the heater should come with a 1100W heating element. To be on the safer side, it’s best to compare the device’s coverage with your room size.

Can you sleep with a space heater on?

Electronic specialists suggest turning off your portable space heater before going to bed. This helps avoid being unaware of the fire breaking out or the smoke growing. But newer models have more safety features to prevent overheating or fire.

Are Space Heaters Allowed In Office Buildings?

The cold haze is everywhere. Thus, the application of space heaters extends to office use. If your office lacks a central heating system, you might buy the best quiet space heater for the office.

If you already own a portable home model, it should provide you with enough warmth at work. Also, no federal law prohibits workers from using a space heater at their workplace.

But OSHA’s strict rule demands workers follow the instructions in the manual and label.


Investing in the quietest space heater provides enough warmth for a comfortable winter experience. But, several options and factors must be considered before making a choice. It can be overwhelming and daunting.

Hopefully, this post is the ONLY guide you need to make the right decision. Most of the products on this list are super quiet, but they are not created equal. Hence, I recommend reading the buying guide to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

Robert is an electronic engineer with more than five years of experience with a solid affinity for helping people reduce noise. He writes about these silent home appliances and easy soundproofing measures to help everyone avoid the negative effect of extended exposure to high noise levels.

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