Noise pollution is one of the main problems city dwellers experience every day.

If you aim to reduce the noise outside and even inside your home, you can place soundproof rubber mats beneath the existing carpets in your home.

Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing

The addition of an anti-vibration mat or acoustic rubber matting is more appropriate if you live in apartment units or condominiums with several stories.

Whether you’re on the upper or lower level, it does matter that acoustic rubber matting will reduce the impacted noise coming from foot traffic and other activities that produce annoying sounds.

Weak floorboards could easily cave in and will produce irritating sounds, especially when children run amok over them.

There are other purposes rubber flooring mats do, not just as reinforcing sound barriers under rugs but as primary mats to soundproof a gym floor and other facilities that require cushioning.

Whatever you can think of, if your goal is to deaden the sound in your place, a rubber mat is the best for carpet padding.

Pro tip: When a sound is broken, it creates two types of noise–impact sound and airborne sound. Impact noise is produced from a building element to generate sound waves, while airborne sound travels through the air.

Loud music, people’s conversations, barking dogs, cars, and road noise are examples of airborne noise. In contrast, an impact noise could be anything that made a collision with a barrier.

What is a Soundproof Floor Mat and How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, a soundproof floor mat is a mat used along with a carpet or rug to reduce noise. The mat has a sound-absorbent material composition. Either they are made of felt, rubber, or both.

A typical rubber floor mat has rubber backing for a solid grip against the floor. When you lay them beneath the rugs, ensure that the carpet encompasses the size of the mat. It would look awkward if the soundproof mat were larger than the carpet.

Do Soundproof Car Mats Make a Difference?

Soundproofing mats for cars are different materials mainly intended for car floors. Most of the sound deadening mats for cars have a self-adhesive backing which is not appropriate for floors.


Rubber floor mats fit well in apartment living, as most of the residency is temporary. The mat can be removed anytime and placed on any floor.

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Whatever kind of sound is heard and created in your apartment can likely be annoying to neighbors or vice versa.

That’s why soundproofing the floor is one of the best ways to get away with noise.

How does Anyone Feel about Using Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats as Dampening?

Interlocking rubber floor mats can help reduce the impact of sound in any living space. These mats are commonly used in the kids’ room to protect small children from bumping on a wood floor.

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An acoustic mat made of rubber is a good floor underlay.

Since an interlocking mat is rubbery, it can be used as a cushion rather than a noise dampening pad.

The rubber material helps somehow in reducing sound.

They are, however, an option for families with children and DIY use when soundproofing an apartment floor.

How Rubber Floor Mats Can Help Reduce Noise

The way rubber floor mats were built is to reduce noise intentionally.

Soundproof rubber mats ensure maximum noise absorption when laid and used with rugs. Rubber is a less porous material due to the fewer holes it possesses.

The science behind rubber floor mats’ sound-absorbing capacity is that they isolate noise, trap them in, and prevent it from spreading out the way sound is absorbed.


All you have to do is place the mat under the rug, and you’re done. There’s no need for special instructions or professional help to lay them.

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What kind of rubber mat is best for soundproofing? You can check some reviews below and decide what’s best for your home.

Pro tip: Use the Green Glue compound if you are covering the entire floor. Make sure that the edges are glued on the floor corners because the glue composition has a noise-canceling power by turning sound waves into heat waves, thus serving as a sound barrier.

Best Rubber Floor Mats for Soundproofing Reviews

1. Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad

It is like having two sides of a coin: one side made of felt and the other rubber for absolute non-slipping features. Versatile in nature. You have the option to use the felt face down or the rubber, depending on the type of rug used on top of it.


More Features and Benefits:

Adds thickness and density to your floor matting if your goal is to isolate the noise to respect neighbors on the lower floor.

Non-slip mat—Safe for children who love to run and play and adults against tripping on shiny floors

Precise rug placement with its rubber matting material

Protects floor from scrapes, abrasion, and all types of punctures, which give your floor a long-term stability

Having dense fibers that add cushion to your rug boosts the absorption effect, deadens sound coming from footsteps and falling objects protects furniture and other frail things against breakage.

Customizable—Easy to cut according to size requirements in a room.

Extends the life of rug and furniture—Giving you more savings in the long run.

Easy to trim—Giving you more freedom to use anywhere if your space is limited.

100% recycled felt—Sustainable, eco-friendly, not a health hazard.

2. Carpenter, 8’x10′, 1/2″ Visco- Elastic Memory Foam

If you are looking for a floor sound barrier with an immense thickness, this is the one that perfectly fits the description. Comes in different sizes and dimensions, the Spillguard Carpenter foam is a memory foam that offers unparalleled benefits.


Its visco-elastic feature speaks above all.

More Features and Benefits:

Elastic—Doesn’t rip or tear, applicable to use on any floor or in rooms with heavy foot traffic like kitchen and dining rooms, which provides longevity in use.

High-viscosity and moisture barrier—Prevents liquid leakage penetration, leaving you no worries of accidental spills that damage the floor surface.

Built for maximum protection—It protects against slip and premature wear of your carpet.

3. Gorilla Grip Extra Plush Felt and Natural Rubber Pad Protects Floors

The Gorilla Grip is another combination of felt and rubber for extreme comfort and a firm grip on any surface. The rubber mat underneath is a patterned texture allowing for greater friction against the surface, making your carpet thick, intact in place.


Applicable for hardwood floors, making the Gorilla grip an excellent matting for soundproofing.

More Features and Benefits:

Ultra-thick—The thickness of felt is made of condensed needles for extra soft cushion, durability, and comfort. The fibers in the mat absorb sound and are an excellent sound barrier when used on hard floors.

Rubber backing—Made of natural and textured rubber on the other side that provides a firm grip against a surface, making it more efficient against slips.

Customizable—Easy to trim or cut according to preferred dimensions.

Easy to clean—No more hassle in vacuuming as the mat stays in place.

4. RUGPADUSA – Basics – 9’x12′ – 1/2″ Thick – 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad –

Available in three thickness sizes. This satisfies customers’ needs whether they want super thick or less thick carpet mat depending on how much floor noise they want to control.


More Features and Benefits:

Made of 100% felt pad—Providing extra thickness and comfort against the mat and hardwood floors. Denser materials not only bring comfort but efficiency in warding off unwanted noise and controlling sound insulation that is vital to your room’s heat and cold requirements.

Protects floors against abrasion—Felt is a perfect texture to protect the floor surface from scratches and other kinds of damage. So, even if you constantly swipe the mat under your feet, you’ll only get shinier and more protective floor coating.

Intended for rooms with furniture and heavy rugs—Doesn’t have a rubber side for non-slip features-most preferred rooms with lesser foot traffic.

5. iCustomRug Grizzly Grip Eco-Friendly Felt Underpad

The most customizable felt rug pad in the market with its offering of 75 custom sizes! If not pleased, you can still have the liberty to trim the size you need with scissors.


Efficient sound absorber—With its rubber backing and anti-slip feature.

Can be vacuumed—Without the carpet moving out of place.

Best quality pads—Made with non-random recycled materials but combined fibers for strength and protection against wear and tear, giving more life to your rug.

Made of 100% non-toxic rubber—Emitting no off gases that can infuse in the air and harm your family’s health.

Machine safe—If cut into smaller dimensions, pads can be machine washable without disintegrating the fibers.

Ultimate comfort—This can be used under rags placed on tiles like bathroom floors to receive the ultimate comfort for your feet without the hassle of slips and stains on the floor.

6. Durahold Plus(TM) Felt and Rubber Rug Pad for Hard Floors

Patterned rubber underpad for safety against slips, the textured rubber is only for a firmer grip feature. One good effect is that the pattern will not leave a mark on hardwood floors.


Excellent protection—Thick and dense material is stain resistant, protecting the hard floor beneath from stain or scratch.

Eco-friendly—Rubber backing is made of natural rubber without a harsh odor that will emit to the air.

Extreme comfort—The quarter-inch padding is enough to provide that extra cushion you are looking for in carpets, rugs, and sound deadening mats.

Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certified—Meaning the product passed the standards in the green movement, marking the Durahold Plus low in harmful compound emission.

Pro tip: From 1992 and beyond, carpet buyers along with adhesives and cushions can safely check for their purchase if they pass the Green Label Plus programs to ensure that the merchandise is environmentally friendly and not a health hazard.

Is Rubber a Sound Barrier?

In part, it is. Because its thickness added to the carpet’s thickness reinforces the ability of the materials to control sound. However, it doesn’t block floor noise but isolates irritating sounds by removing the echo effect of a noise source.

Can you Use Foam Mats for Soundproofing?

Foam, similar to rubber, adds cushion to hardwood floors or concrete floors. The foam is a soft material and is used as panels and strips in soundproofing.

Home Theater Soundproofing Curtains -Does it works?

There is no reason you can’t use them on the floor as well. By adding foam tiles, you will instantly feel the effect of a reduced sound. Running kids with their hard and strong stomps has a significant impact on the floor if there are no mattings placed.

Are gym Mats Good for Soundproofing?

Gym mats can make a good soundproofing material because they are made of rubber. If installed correctly, the underside will help trap air and sound, making them an effective sound-deadening barrier.


There could be one area in your home where you don’t want your footsteps heard, especially if the floorboards are about to crack.

Rubber floor mats are excellent soundproof floor mats to remove the embarrassing sound of creaking floors.

Different carpet rubber mats for floor underlayment soundproofing are available on Amazon. The good thing about these mats is they have multiple qualities. Yet, all of them are effective in dampening sound.

You can choose from among the best-reviewed here. However, if you’re the kind of an explorer, you can also use acoustic rubber underlayment, interlocking floor mats or carpet pads, LMVs, foam floor mats, and many more.

But with soundproof rubber floor mats, are the most accessible soundproofing material to install yet will last for many, many years, saving you on time, money, and effort looking for other DIYs.

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