Soundproofing blankets are not mere blankets to block light and serve as interior design elements.

Though we have thought of that already, which is why you choose certain designs and colors, it is the other way around for soundproofing blankets.

Soundproof blankets are technical fabrics that can absorb or dampen sound on a certain level.

How do Soundproof Blankets Work?

When we are speaking about reducing the sound in a room or warding off unwanted noise from another room, soundproof blankets for walls do their job well.

Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof blankets for windows or doors surely will dampen the sound, though not entirely a 100% reduction due to some considerations.

Besides, no acoustic blanket would give you a full-blocking sound blanket. It needs a little help from other soundproofing tools.

What Makes Soundproofing Blankets Special?

The fabric behind the soundproof curtain is made of materials woven into its membranes to absorb the sound. The blanket’s fabric is carefully crafted to deaden the sound.

This means that soundproofing worked in a way for sound to reach a specific layer and is dampened when it goes out on the outer layer.

Sound waves can still pass through or travel through the layer, but the interior layers absorb the sound.

Think of a breathable fabric mask. While it is opaque, the breath of air can still pass through tiny holes, but the exterior layer of the fabric or mask prevents the getting back of that same air.

Thus, the science of sound deadening.

How Effective Are Soundproof Blankets Against Noise?

Using an acoustical blanket is to block the noise coming from the outside and reduces and improves the sound quality from the inside. It has a similar function to an acoustic panel.

Recording booths have an interior design with the walls padded with acoustic blankets—aside from other soundproofing tools like mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic panels, acoustic foam, weatherstrips, and more!

And with all those implements, a soundproofing blanket, with the composition intended for sound deadening, will complete the cast. However, acoustic blankets will only be as effective depending on the soundproofing element built on them.

The amount or percentage of acoustic blankets block varies on the quality of their material. It is an effective form of a sound barrier.

What makes soundproof blankets effective is based on the STC rating they carry. Which means they pass a certain standard in the lab and field when tested for effectiveness.

We will learn more about STC ratings later. But a thick blanket doesn’t mean a high STC rating.

When to Use a Soundproofing Blanket

Noise is an annoying element of the environment. Though you cannot totally eliminate sound, you can control the incoming noise in your room.

Most city dwellers find soundproof blankets as temporary but effective solutions for blocking noise from the outside.

Cities are filled with apartments and shared or joined house units like condominiums, and the only thing separating tenants is a wall. Most likely, all kinds of noise can be heard within earshot.

What are these noises?

  • Noisy neighbors
  • Ongoing constructions
  • Traffic and road noise
  • Loud music
  • HVAC noises

PRO TIP: Sound-absorbing foam or panels do not block nor stop sound; they “reduce” sound or lessen the “echo” effect in a room.

In order to identify your very purpose of soundproofing, it is helpful to know that there are two types of soundproof blankets.

This is to ensure that you are using the correct soundproofing material, depending on your need.

As many times explained, if you wish to soundproof a room, you need to understand the difference between sound absorption and sound blocking.

Though both work in the same principle of noise reduction, they work differently and are designed differently.

  1. Sound absorbing blanket—drapes, soft and fluffy, lightweight
  2. Sound-blocking blanket—heavier material, denser

Sound Blocking vs. Sound-Absorbing

Well, just the implication to “block” and to “absorb” are already two different things when it comes to soundproofing, or we’d say sound controlling.

In soundproofing, different products play a specific role. You can purchase soundproofing products that will stop or reduce the transmission of sound.

We use sound-absorbing materials if we want to improve the quality of sound inside the room.

Low-frequency sounds create too much vibration, and you need to have materials that will absorb the vibrating sound.

Another example is when a room is empty, and you create a sound, that sound will bounce back, forming the echo effect.

Thus, you add sound-absorbing elements to “remove” the bouncing effect through furniture, acoustic curtain, and blankets since these have sound-absorbing features.

If you intend to prevent the sound from traveling, what you need are sound blockers. Products or tools that block sound are built within the ceiling, wall, or door.

They are construction materials that need to be installed to fill the void in these home dividers.

Sound blockers like mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic foam, and acoustic panels prevent sound penetration to and from the other room.

Now, we know how soundproofing blankets work. But what type of soundproof blanket is most effective?

PRO TIP: A sound wave is like a ball. When it hits a hard wall, it bounces back almost forever. But when it hits a soft surface, such as a foam, the bouncing stops. The same principle applies when you add soundproofing blankets on the wall; the sound is controlled rather than blocked.

What Type of Blanket Is Best for Soundproofing?

You might have thought of using “any” blanket to soundproof your room.

Using blankets for soundproofing is a practical and inexpensive solution to your noise problem. However, the best blanket for this unique purpose is a soundproof blanket.

Soundproof blankets are designed to block and absorb sound.

When you discover the wonders behind soundproof blankets, you won’t regret your decision to get one.

You will have a peaceful home and serene sleep all along. Plus, neighbors’ bickering and shouting will sound garbled.

The trend and demand for soundproofing have changed significantly. The acoustic industry has invented moving blankets for certain reasons.

What are moving blankets? How do they differ from soundproofing blankets?

Moving blankets are soundproofing blankets but are made especially for professional soundproofing.

Musicians often use moving blankets to decorate their rooms because these blankets are denser, heavier, and made of polyester, mineral wool, quilted fiberglass, or woven cotton.

Moving blankets are generally used to cover furniture to serve as protection when moving places.

But with their exceptional acoustic properties, people in the music world find these blankets the best for their studio.

The fibers in the moving blankets have acoustic threads, which recording artists love because of their efficiency over regular blankets.

What Matters When you are Going to buy a Sound-Deadening Blanket?

If we were to decide, we would lay out the following factors when buying a sound barrier blanket.


Yes, one will think that it is good to go as long as the blanket is thick and dense.

That is not how it works. Remember that an acoustic sound blanket is a unique fabric that absorbs sound. So, the thickness will depend on the type of setup in your room.

Soundproof Padding for Walls – 5 Important Facts You Should know

Do you wish to build a sound booth? Recording room? Or do you want a plain quiet room that lets you relax and sleep away from the busy world?


Make your room set up by packing blankets with grommets.

Blankets with grommets are easier to hang if you intend to use them as heavy curtains instead of pinning and taping the edges on the adhering surface.

Besides, grommets are appropriate when the blankets are for temporary use.


The better the STC rating, the more effective the sound-absorbing material a product has.

Sound Transmission Classification is the sound isolation metric used by experts to classify soundproofing materials.

The higher the STC, the lower the decibel difference a particular material can control.


This depends on your aesthetic outlook. Your color, style, and size preference will fall under design depending on how you want to set up the room.


It is always your choice. Do you want to add soundproof blankets on doors or windows?

Do you prefer to have the walls covered with them? Most likely, you will pick the ones that are easy to install.

Blankets with grommets are a popular choice. It frees you from pinning and doing the hard stuff instead of simply using the holes to your advantage.


The price will vary in a ratio against the above considerations. Combining them all will help you decide on the product at a fair price, not cheaper blankets.

Though everybody loves the more affordable ones, more inexpensive materials probably don’t do well against their competitors. But there are always good deals and buys to watch out for.

Best Soundproof Blankets Reviews

1. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Audimute absorption sheets are manufactured to reduce sound at an incredible 0.85 rating! (NRC 1 is the absolute rate for an acoustic product to absorb sound).

Audimute speaks for its name when it comes to absorbing sound. It boasts of the following outstanding features.

Audimute Sound Absorption

The material of Audimute doesn’t integrate, unlike blankets of recycled fibers, removing you from the need to replace it soon. They are soundproof blankets that are durable and don’t stain surfaces, offering hassle-free furniture maintenance.

It is easy to decide on making your choice as Audimute offers huge savings by not having to buy sooner. Plus, it gives you no pain and labor on installation.

Audimute is not a health hazard product and is environment friendly, making you and your family safe because they are built with the highly renewable source material.

You will have no problem with the room’s aesthetics with Audimutes’s elegant design that shows real class, which can add to your style if you are keen on designing your home

2. Uboxes Textile Moving Blankets

Uboxes Textile Moving Blankets are perfect for renters who frequently move to places, travelers, or even transients.

Uboxes Textile Moving Blankets

These blankets are excellent covers for furniture and a base for musical instruments in an audio room.

You can also gain from these acoustic blankets’ effective sound dampening because they are the cheapest alternative for expensive moving blankets, allowing you to save more.

How rewarding it is that you can contribute to your environment by buying eco-friendly and sustainable materials, which also benefit your family’s health.

No need to worry about handling and installing, giving you less hassle and fewer people to bother because you can do it by yourself.

You also don’t have to worry about an unpleasant look when hung, and no ironing is needed because the blankets don’t wrinkle.

They are easier to install and use because of their lightweight material compared to heavy blankets.

3. WEN 272812 72-Inch by 80-Inch Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

These heavy-duty padded moving blankets have internal paddings that make them thicker and more sound-absorbent.

The fabric is made of double-stitched polyester, offering extra strength and longer to use, which saves you money in the long run.


They are one of the best moving blankets for soundproofing because they are perfect for covering sophisticated musical instruments that can damage in transit.

WEN blankets are machine washable, which gives you more time to focus on other things. Though heavy-duty looking, they are lightweight, which equates to convenience in traveling when used as cover for furniture and other sensitive items.

The well-cushioned soundproofing blankets are just what you need for moving sophisticated furniture like antiques.

All in all, they give you the best value for money when it comes to durability, design, flexibility of use, installation, and handling.

4. New Haven 1 Dozen Textile Moving Blankets

If you are looking for a one-time regular moving blanket, this is the one you are looking for!

New Haven is the acoustic soundproofing blanket you can rely on if your aim is temporary or a one-time move only. It is called the ultimate blanket for economy and functionality because it is excellent for basic storage needs.


New Haven moving blankets are lightweight but strong enough for large and heavy items. There is no need to look for super thick and expensive blankets, as this will do the job.

Everybody loves an ultimate money saver, as these blankets will give you no reason to buy expensive blankets for single use.

The thickness is just appropriate for easy handling, cleaning, and maintenance.

What’s more?

The New Haven soundproof blankets are made of mixed and recycled fabric glued together, applicable to forwarding off noise from any source and protecting the environment by consuming sustainable materials.

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets?

With the versatility of soundproof blankets, you can think of many different ways to soundproof your room.

Here are the methods to make the most of your acoustic sheets:

Attach blankets to your wall

Yes, even on your hard wall, you can pin or hang the blankets for added absorption capability of the wall.

If you never wish to disassemble your wall and add insulation pads, acoustic sheets, or foam panels, like mass-loaded vinyl, the acoustic blankets can do the trick.

Place the blanket on a wall that is a vulnerable passage of sound to serve as a noise barrier.

Pin the blankets to your ceiling.

Living in a multi-story apartment gives you the hassle of having to suffer external noise.

If there are kids upstairs, and your room is below, the soundproof blankets can be the answer to your woes.

Cover loud Appliances

Loud appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, air-con, exhaust fans, generators, boiler rooms, dryers, and the like can produce all kinds of weird noise.

Use acoustic blankets to cover them while making noise if you don’t want to be bothered by annoying sounds while working.

Cover your Furniture

Using soundproof blankets for furniture is not about sound control but protecting the furniture, especially when moving it.

15 Cheapest Ways to Soundproof a Room that Actually Work

These acoustic sheets are great for reducing noise, especially for heavy furniture.

Hang the blankets over the doors.

If you are looking for a temporary solution against the noise source but never want to install permanent soundproofing materials, hanging the blankets will solve your problem.

Cover your windows

If the weather strips you bought aren’t enough to block the sound, soundproof sheets will serve as a reinforcement to reduce sound coming from the windows.

PRO TIP: NRC, which stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient, is a standard rating of how an acoustic product can absorb sound. In contrast with STC, NRC works for how much noise is reduced, while STC measures how much sound is attenuated or propagated.

How good are soundproof blankets at acoustic absorption?

They are excellent, not only good, in acoustic absorption. They can absorb almost 80% of the sound.

That’s why those setting up recording booths add these blankets to their project.

However, a sound-dampening blanket serves only as reinforcement and not as a standalone solution for soundproofing.

What is the best soundproofing blanket for doors?

The best sound absorption blankets to use as soundproofing are interwoven fabrics, not mixed recycled fibers. The latter quickly disintegrate and are sometimes made of composite materials harmful to health.

Whether made of single or double-stitched polyester, these fabric blankets have specialized membranes to absorb sound.

Can you customize your blankets for your specific needs?

Yes, you can.

Whether you are using pads or sheets, you can tell where to place them or install them. Besides, every product you buy has a corresponding guide for an optimal function for your benefit.


Is it worth the try to buy a noise reduction blanket? It depends on your needs.

While noise is just around you, the amount of reduction will depend on how much sound is bugging your life.

There should be no second thought about using acoustic blankets for sound dampening if noise isn’t bearable.

You don’t need to suffer from daily noise, primarily if it affects your life in many ways.

Whether you’re a busy hands-on mom, a working professional that requires silence in your home office, or a musician that can’t concentrate on your subpar acoustic room, you always have a choice to make your life more convenient.

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