Do you have an incredibly loud-sounding PlayStation 4 or PS4? Don’t worry. You are not alone!

Similar to a computer design, gaming devices like PS4s have fans built into them. The nasty jet-like sound you hear from your noisy PS4 means something is blocking the PS4 fan or other parts.

why does my ps4 sound like a jet engine

That is normal if you hear a mild whirring when your device starts up or your game is on. But it is not ideal when it sounds a lot louder compared to everyone in the house gets awaken.

How do you fix your PS4 to sound like a jet? It is easy to figure out and solve. And say goodbye to a loud PS4.

Reason Behind the PS4 Sound Like a Jet Engine

1. Playstation 4 Fan Loud

The PlayStation has a fan system built into it. Sometimes, it only means one thing if you hear a loud fan noise: the PS4 fan is full of dirt.

A dirty or clogged PS4 fan will give off a loud noise when the hard drive kickstarts. Because the fan blade is making an effort to run the ventilation, your machine will overheat if it fails to spin.

Even if fans’ primary task is to keep the PS4 cool, they will still fail if they run at top speed, resulting in a crashing jet.

A loud PS4 fan will to overheating.

Yes, when your PS4 console overheats, it will suddenly die. Computer techs would suggest using thermal paste for an overheated hard drive. It serves as a PS4 quieter.

  • Prepare your screwdrivers and the different types of tips that will match the screw on the PS4 locks. You will also need a T9 screwdriver.
  • Start removing the bottom part casing. Be careful not to tear off the warranty stickers.
  • Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws.
  • Get a cutter to pry on the case if it snuggles tightly. Ensure that no screws are left out before prying.
  • Now you see the dust everywhere, including the fan.
  • Blow the dust away with an air compressor.
  • Use a soft brush to sweep off hardened dust.
  • Make sure you are not pushing the dust into the fan but away from it.
  • Put everything back the way you remove them.
  • Leave the console for an hour before turning it on.

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2. Coil Whine Producing PS4 Buzzing and High-Pitched Noise

Most gamers experience an irritating high-pitched noise from their PS4s. When they turned on their PS4, it made a loud ringing or tingling noise. Other users say the PS4 noise begins during the device’s rest mode. But when they launched PS4 back on, it produced that sound.

What could be causing this annoying sound, and how do you eliminate it?

  • The power supply is not plugged in correctly. Acoustic noise sometimes comes from electromagnetic reactions within the wires. Check the connections and fix them right away.
  • Coil whine. Often, the power source, where electricity runs through, causes coil whine. Electrical wires vibrate due to the interaction happening between a power regulator and the coil. In an old fashion, an electrical current will cause the coil to vibrate against its ring, giving off a high-pitched sound. New devices mean the coil is starting to blend into its metal environment and lower down in a few weeks.

PRO TIP: Coil whine is the least known source of the noise. But the scratching noise is just a sign of a standard and working condition PS4 and should not cause panic.

3. Hard Disk Running at Full Speed

Why is your PS4 disk drive sound so loud? While there are several reasons why your PS4 console is noisy, simply due to mechanical errors. But on a technical note, it can be that the hard disk is working overtime, giving off a ripping or buzzing sound.

Like a PC’s hardware, the PS4 processor depends on the type of games installed. We know that video games require graphics and memory configuration to comply with the display. Games like Modern Warfare make the hard disk run at full speed.

What can you do? Clean the console. An overly dusted console causes the whirring noise.

  • Use a can of compressed air. Also called canned air.
  • Choose a microfiber cloth
  • Get a portable vacuum cleaner to wipe off dust.
  • Clean the USB ports.

PRO TIP: Update your PS4 Pro from time to time. SSD for PS4 Pro will give you a silent, without spinning and clicking noises and reliable console.

Upgrade your hard drive with an external SSD for a quieter PS4 Pro

In computer terminology, SSD stands for a solid-state drive. It is the term used for new-generation devices because they perform faster than traditional mechanical hard disks.

Adding an SSD is the best way to speed things up, lighten the load of the hard drive, and enable it to run even with graphically demanding games. External SSDs can store more games as an added benefit on your end.

While Xbox is popular because of fewer problems with malware and hardware issues, but PS4 has an edge in terms of upgrading the internal drive.

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Make your PS4 silent by doing the following:

  • Let the PS4 breathe. Give your console breathing room for at least an hour.
  • Improve the console’s ventilation. Clean the PS4, especially the vents, to allow heat dissipation.
  • Play in cool surroundings. PS4s are electronic devices that source power from electricity, which emits heat, especially during prolonged use. It is better to play or place your PS4 system in a room with an air conditioner to regulate the heat-emitting activity in your gaming console.
  • Clean the console. As often mentioned, dust buildup would settle on PS4 parts, mainly on spinning parts like the cooling fan. Removing hard dirt will prevent your PS4 from sending off ticking sounds.
  • Fix/Replace the fan. The next best thing before buying a new PS4 is to replace the fan. Sometimes you don’t need to spend much to get everything running new. This is an easy fix.

Why is my PS4 Disk Drive So Loud?

A hardworking PS4 will compromise the other parts causing mechanical failure. And from that, your device will sound like a jet engine, with intense vibrations that are faster than an athlete’s heartbeat.

Fixing PS4 disc drive noise is like dealing with a computer hard drive. Why? Because the two most significant factors for excessive noise in a computer and your PS4 are the hard disk and the cooling fan.

  • Loose fans will create noise.
  • Hard disks spin faster with more data load. A loud spinning hard disk means something is wrong.
  • Strong vibration on the console enclosure could mean that it is tilted or in the wrong place.
  • Dust particles collect around the vent, causing noise from the PS4.
  • Check that the rubber feet are complete and well-rested on a flat surface. Any missing foot will tilt the console, causing the parts to loosen up inside. Take note that these are different from thermal pads.
  • Use cooling pads to prevent overheating. Cooling pads help absorb some of the clacking and vibrating sound.
  • Muffle the noise by placing your console in a more secluded location but allowing room for proper ventilation.
  • Don’t block the vents where the PS4’s fan blows the heat. Put a slight elevation if necessary so that more space will relax the fan.
  • Your PS4 is too old and needs replacement.

PRO TIP: If you have a PS4 Pro, you have a model that expels heat better with its bigger heat sink and more efficient exhaust fan.


Some of PS4 or original PS4 owners keep their video game consoles inside a cabinet or an entertainment center. If you do so, keep the doors open to allow proper airflow.

It is essential to keep your PS4 or any gaming device you have at home in good shape. Always think that its system runs harder and its cooling fan spins faster when it is overloaded.

Depending on how confident in fixing your PS4, make sure you know what you are doing. In the worst case, you may tamper with the warranty seal and damage other parts. So, always be prepared and in the know.

Other than the tips mentioned here, you can refer to Youtube videos on PS4 and Xbox and Xbox series x faulty sounds.

Silence your beloved PS4 before you attempt to upgrade to PS5. Ensure that you optimize its performance and conduct a routine cleanup to last for many years.

Robert Castelao
Robert Castelao

Robert is an electronic engineer with more than five years of experience with a solid affinity for helping people reduce noise. He writes about these silent home appliances and easy soundproofing measures to help everyone avoid the negative effect of extended exposure to high noise levels.

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